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Jordan Mericle Reaches Out To A Distant Lover On “Call Me By My Name”

Will she be able to bridge this divide?

Growing up in the world of musical theatre and choir, American pop-rock singer and songwriter Jordan Mericle always seemed like she was destined for the stage. Combining her haunting cadence with empathetic and poignant lyrics, critics have lauded her releases as “dramatic, vocally impressive and marvelously vintage,” showing her ability to captivate audiences and peers in the industry with her artistic ability. She moved to New York in 2011 to pursue her musical dreams and hasn’t looked back. As she continues to shoot for the stars, she’s given us every indication that she will make it.

Originally from North Carolina, Jordan Mericle’s musical beginning saw her perfecting her vocal talents through training in genres from classical arias to rock n’ roll. Releases like “Breathing With My Heart” and “Sword and Shield” have all but solidified her status as an elite artistic talent, and with a slew of new releases on the horizon, there’s no chance her brilliance will go unnoticed. With her transparent and thoughtful lyricism, Jordan Mericle has ensured that there’s a little something for everybody, making her music easy to enjoy.

Jordan Mericle’s latest release, “Call Me By My Name,” is many things, but most importantly, it’s Mericle at her best. With dynamic and slightly melancholy rock instrumentals forming the base of this offering, her haunting vocals stir up emotion deep within your heart.

Dropping lyrics like “I can feel it, all your yearning / How can you ignore what's in front of you?” and “Fear's a marionette, and you're hanging / Why are you afraid,” Jordan Mericle reaches out to a lover who remains distant. As Jordan Mericle reaches out to the listener to help them process their emotions, she also has to talk herself through not feeling afraid by posing the question aloud in the first place. It’s an interesting problem, and despite the complex feelings at work here, Jordan Mericle has executed this beautifully.

Jordan Mericle’s latest release, “Call Me By My Name,” is a poignant and heart-tugging release that will fit any heartfelt rock n’ roll needs. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Jordan Mericle’s latest release, “Call Me By My Name,” on all majour streaming platforms.

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