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Jordan Pratt Releases a Reflective Holiday Track Titled, "Home This Christmas"

The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Jordan Pratt opens his heart to release his passionate and festive single, "Home This Christmas." Influenced by the likes of Bon Iver, Novo Amor, and Sara Bareilles, Jordan Pratt has seen extensive exposure through performing in many musical theater productions and operas while also being a part of the 2020 Mentorship program with the Society of Composers and Lyricists.

His recent single "Home This Christmas" shows the immense growth and experience that Jordan Pratt has seen through his musical endeavors while also coming through to share a reflective and heartfelt lyrical message. Gearing up for the holiday season with this single release, Jordan Pratt is getting a head start and sharing his warm and tender music for listeners to hold tight as the days cool.

"Home This Christmas" begins with soft jingle bells, delicate acoustic guitar melodies, and Jordan Pratt's equally tender vocals. While he begins delivering his sweet vocals for listeners to lose themselves in, Jordan Pratt's lyrical message begins to shine through surrounding themes of wanting to be home and around loved ones after a dreadful year.

As the instrumentals gradually escalate with incredibly easy-listening aspects through soft chimes, warm percussion patterns, and distant electric guitar, Jordan Pratt has indeed formulated this song to offer the utmost tenderness and desire to be around loved ones during these uncertain times.

Offering listeners a blissful sense of peace and tranquility through his recent single, "Home This Christmas," Jordan Pratt has done an incredible job of portraying his tender, lyrical message for listeners to find a safe and calming space to lay their head.

What inspired you to create such a compelling and heartfelt track like "Home This Christmas?" Could you explain the personal meaning behind the song's tender lyricism?

Well, funny enough I wrote this song in July. I sat down and just decided I wanted to write a Christmas song! The song is all about family relationships, and how things change as you get older. I realize I am extremely lucky to have the upbringing I did. I knew that my parents loved me, and they have always been supportive of all I do. Unfortunately, I know that’s not an experience that everyone shares. That said, every family has their own set of problems to deal with, and a big one we’ve had to deal with is my parents’ divorce.

In general, this song is about this paradoxical state I feel like I get in when I go to these different places I now call “home.” I always feel the joy of being with those I love, but it’s coupled with this uneasy cognizance of how everything is changing as time goes on. So the song explores that complex set of emotions, but is ultimately about the joy that comes from being with those that make you feel at home!

How did you craft your instrumentals on "Home This Christmas" to offer this sensation of sonic bliss through each mellow and serene instrumental?

I’ve got to give a huge shout out to Jarom Hansen for that. I recorded guitars and vocals and had a general idea of how I wanted this song to progress and Jarom really brought this thing to an entirely different level. Layering instruments like banjo, Cajon, and other percussion elements, synths, piano…the man did great work! There’s often quite a bit of back and forth in the collaborative process with the producer, but he really nailed it right off the bat. You should definitely check out his music: Instagram:

Seeing as your single "Home This Christmas" is rather introspective and delicate, would you say that this is a recurring sound for your brand? Do you usually release such meaningful and in-depth pieces?

I’m usually very lyrics focused when I write and when I listen to music. I’m really inspired by lyricists like Phoebe Bridgers and Adrianne Lenker (Big Thief). I’m also a huge musical theater fan and could go into my favorite lyricists of that field, but I’ll save that for another time! I would say my songs are largely introspective, but they aren’t always delicate. My song “Yellow Lines” is basically a Weezer pop-punk tune, and my latest “Cloak and Dagger” has some more pop-leaning production to go along with the contemplative lyrics.

You've mentioned that you're taking on a philanthropist endeavor with a portion of your proceeds from "Home This Christmas." Could you explain the charity you're donating too, and why you decided to lend a helping hand?

Sure! Up until the day of release (November 27th), I am donating a dollar to Shelter Partnership for every pre-save of my song and every follow I get on Spotify (up to $500).

Shelter Partnership is an LA-based non-profit that gives much-needed goods and funds to non-profit organizations in the LA area that serve the homeless community. I love when music is connected to a great cause, and this just felt like the perfect fit for “Home This Christmas!”

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Bringing home a real Christmas tree! We happened to live a few blocks away from this place called Smith Farms, which has a tree lot each year. We’d find a tree we liked, and just walk it home, crossing a main street along the way! It always felt silly carrying a tree through a suburban neighborhood in Southern California, and I liked it all the more for that.


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