Jordany Gives New Vitality to his Smooth Flow Over the Kicks Found on "King Dub"

Jordany didn't grow up with the luxury of joining a local sports team club or going away to summer camp in June as a kid. His mother was working two jobs while he was still growing into adolescence at home with his brother. But, that never deterred the passion he found in music, and these days the Houston-based Rapper has been busy enjoying his limelight on tracks like "Devilish Thoughts," where Jordany drips swag with an addictive topline, or "Diamonds," where he freestyles over a smooth hammering backbeat.

His latest single, "King Dub," present with newer and more refined contour, as Jordany manifests a fleshier rifle-spitting variation of the Rapper he used to be in 2019. His influences in music range from the literary geniuses of modern rap, like J. Cole on "Forest Hill Drive," but on this track, Jordany performs with a more playful undertone. It's as if he walked into the studio booth unrehearsed, dropped a freestyle, and bathed in the hype his clique projects at him through the tiny window in the control room.

Here, on "King Dub" Jordany finds a trend in his use of well-orchestrated string samples, saucy highlighted verses from Houston's most permeable, and an aggressive demeanor that screams out: "we're the top dogs, and you know it." The fact that Andro, Harleston, and Juanpe are featured on this cut only further grounds this opinion as each Rapper lays in on their designated segments with a smooth cantor and relaxed phrasings while the lush droning instrumentals reinforce the rhythm with an unbiased spirit.

"King Dub" is a song that utilizes every inch of the mixes space sonically through the edge to edge echoing ad-libs, with an ominous-sounding voice bending sound effect lurking behind it all; as if the monster under our bed is spitting lyrical stabs at us. This song isn't something you'll be jogging to, but instead, picture a more laid back scenery amongst good friends, good drinks, and the rest. As each Rapper lays down their contribution of magnetic flow and alluring character, "King Dub" shines brightest when Jordany blesses the microphone with his new and severe potential. Here, the Houston-rapper decisively manifests a more stylish and polished outline for his musical designs to transcend.

What were the most memorable parts about recording this track with your friends Andro, Harleston, and Juanpe?

It was the first night we were all in the same room at the same time before we started recording we watched the McGregor and Cerrone fight. As soon as it was over, Harleston asks, "Who's going first?" No one said anything. He responded with "aight fuck it, I'm about to show yall what's up" after that, we recorded our verses in the same order the song was laid out. JuanPe then comes up, freestyles it off the top. Everyone did their verses all in one take. The whole night was memorable, it was good energy all around.

Did you ever find yourself experiencing a writer's block from time to time, and how do you usually overcome it?

Sometimes it feels that writer's block happens a lot more often than it really does, but when I do come across it, I come to a stopping point and let it sit. Once I take my mind off it for a moment I start to mess around with my project and let my creativity just come naturally. With that, I normally overcome these writers blocks or speed bumps.

What are some of the milestones you have set out for yourself this year as an artist, and are you on the verge of accomplishing any of them soon?

I don't like to set goals or milestones in that manner, it sets me up for failure with expectations and false hopes. Instead, I'd rather focus on the next move and how much better can it be than my last. So far it's helped me improve as an independent artist, but there's always more room for growth. I suppose the milestone is to be the best version of myself, and I'm nowhere near that yet but I am making my way.

What are you most excited about developing or improving as an artist this year, and how do you plan to incorporate this in your new music?

I have a very unique sound, with that alone I've been able to work on building confidence to sound more comfortable with it, which in turn has helped me understand how I can properly use it and be more versatile. This alone is helping me build a foundation I can rely on to explore different sounds and implement them into mine.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

My group of friends, my inner circles, my ambitions, and most importantly myself. No matter what I'm doing, or where I'm at. If I'm not distracted from my thoughts, then I'm thinking about music, I'm starting to plan my next move. The world is ever-changing, and I've been preparing to keep up and be ahead.