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JorJ Returns to the Scene With His Latest Release,"PUZZLED"

JorJ is an up-and-coming artist from the Bronx looking to leave his mark on the scene with his eclectic style and artistic range.

It was only a few years ago when JorJ made the decision to pursue music full time with close collaborators and friends, Scotty OD and Brandino Bandz. Resolved in his decision, Jorj worked to refine his sound and see just how far he could take his music. Three years after his first release he finds himself returning to his roots, giving you an in-your-face rapped performance, over some similarly gritty production once again from Scotty OD.

Leaning into the intensity that surges from JorJ’s latest single “PUZZLED,” we hear a unique versatility that JorJ brings to the table as he adds his creative flair to the genre of Hip-hop. What’s so unique about this track happens to be the melodic essence that passionately pours from JorJ’s vocal performance.

Giving it his all as he nimbly bounces through various cadences on the enticing instrumentation heard in the soundscape, we appreciate the way he moves with both agility and urgency to get his braggadocious lyrics across. Collaborating with another heavyweight in the industry, we hear the skill set of Hood the Shogun step on the track as these two artists bring out the best in one another.

Hood the Shogun has a deep presence in his tone that brings out the dark hues heard on this beat, all while JorJ provides a more illuminating sound that is focused on gleaming with emphasis. Even the opening bar of, ‘Why they wanna step got me puzzled. It leave me wit questions a couple,’ has us fully locked into this sonic expedition and ready to hear the vibrant energy destined for the speakers at full blast.

Truly putting his best foot forward as he brings yet another banger to the ears of his listeners, we’ll have “PUZZLED,” on repeat this summer.

Congratulations on the release of “PUZZLED.” We love this collaboration between yourself and Hood the Shogun! How did you two come to work together on this track?

Thank you, we're all really excited to share this song and all the work that went into it. Scott (Scotty OD) is really the driving force behind this whole project. He already knew he wanted Shogun and I on it when he made the beat, so it was just up to us at that point to make it happen. He had just dropped the beat in the group chat one night and I wrote the whole verse that next morning. Honestly, that isn't my usual process, especially recently I've been taking more time to write songs and flesh out the concepts. But with this one, the lines just kept coming to me. Shogun did his verse a few weeks later since he was working on his project "I HOPE THIS WALK CLEARS MY HEAD" but shit it was worth the wait. It was my first time hopping on a track with him and I honestly could not be happier with how it came out.

With this being yet another Scotty OD production, what similarities and differences did you find in the creative process when bringing this vision to life?

Around that time Scott was just sending a lot of beats in the chat, and I'd write little bits here and there to stuff I was fucking with. There wasn't really a clear direction for my next release or anything like that, but with Puzzled I knew I wanted to do something with that from the moment I heard the sample come in. He had mentioned that he wanted Shogun on it and I'd been wanting to work with bro for a minute on something, so that was just the cherry on top. I had wrote pretty much my whole verse that next morning. I like to write for the most part alone unless we're making something from the ground up in the studio, so it wasn't really different in that sense. Where it differed was just in how long it took me to write it. This year I feel like I've been taking a while to finish songs, especially if I know I want to do something with the idea release-wise. The lyrics just came to me on this one though. I don't think I was writing for even an hour. Yeah, I edited some stuff after the fact, but the energy Scott had when he was making that just passed through the headphones. He bugged so I had to. What are you hoping that your audience takes away from this track?

The energy. This song makes me feel like no one could tell me anything. I have been working on my craft and trying things out sonically, but I wasn't even trynna make a song per se. I was just trynna get that off my chest, put that confidence into the air, and in motion. There are no hook on that track, just straight bars all the way through. I have like a 24 on that song, and I haven't done a track like that in a long time. It felt good to just bug out. I want people to bug out with me when I perform it, and to feel that unstoppable energy within themselves when they listen to this song.

In terms of the message you send out to your listeners through your music and brand, what do you find to be your mission statement?

I just want people to feel what they feel. Usually, I tackle that idea with songs where I talk about my own mental health and struggles, but I think this song is just as important in making that point. Yeah, it isn't getting into any serious topics socially or anything like that, but that's not the point, I have songs like that for that reason. Yeah, you gotta face reality and your issues head-on, but you can't push the good feelings away either. You are allowed to be happy, sad, or anything in between. I just want people to feel those emotions when they arise, and when I made this song I was feeling especially confident in my abilities as a rapper and artist. I just expressed that the best way I knew how.

What's next for you?

The next time you'll hear me on a track will probably be on Scott's new project coming out over the summer. Puzzled is gonna be a part of it, and there's gonna be a ton of dope collaborations on that with a lot of artists that are part of the SUNY Purchase scene so look out for that. But following that, I have two projects I'm working on with Scott, executively produced by him, and you should expect one of them to be dropping around the end of the summer. Totally different approaches on both, but the first one "Odyssey" should be out before the end of the summer. Doing some more melodic stuff on that, but expect some bangers of course. I also got productions credits on some songs coming out before then, so keep an eye out for that too.


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