Jose Lobo Mesmerizes Us With “Adeus ao Tempo”

Jose Lobo was born in Venezuela, raised in Brazil and currently living in Canada. Influenced by the folklore of the Venezuelan tonada and the rhythms of bossa nova, he continues to explore his identity as a Latin American in the diaspora through music. Lobo has performed in streets and stages across Europe, North Africa and the Americas.

The release of his single “Adeus ao Tempo” was a smooth, relaxed and gorgeous single sung in a language comfortable to the artist. Although some may not understand the language of the lyrics, what can be appreciated is the warm tonal quality of the song. His riveting voice immediately grasps you in and catches your attention from beginning to end. It gives you absolute chills the way it melodically projects from his vocal folds. The riveting guitar strings and stunning chords shows progression but sticking to the pleasant quality it produces. I feel comforted listening to the beauty of the song and the subtle yet dramatically increasing aesthetic. It becomes augmented and enhanced towards the end of the song, especially when Jose takes his voice into a high falsetto and even, his whistle register. The voice Jose has will carry him abundantly far and we’re excited to share it with you guys as well.

Listen to “Adeus Ao Tempo” here and get to know Jose Lobo in our interview below!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello, my name is Jose Lobo I am a Venezuelan singer songwriter currently living in Hamilton, Ontario. In the past I have played shows as I travelled during the summers while I was in university. Now I am aiming to establish myself as a solo act.

How was it growing up in Brazil?

I left Brazil six years ago; I was 17 at the time, but living my teenage years there definitely shaped part of who I am, I met my best friend during that time and had my first ‘serious’ relationship. What I loved about growing up in Brazil in regards to music was how much people are into local/national music from all genres: bossa nova to reggae to rap to mpb (musica popular brasileira), etc.

In your opinion, Is the music scene in Southern America different than the music scene in Northern America? Why or why not?

I think that first of all there is an aspect of outreach that allows for a higher audience, considering the city I lived in [Belo Horizonte] has a population of 5M whereas Hamilton has 500K that already creates a difference in what regards to how lively the scene might be. With that being said, I should establish that I have only been to Brazil 3 times since I moved and my understanding of the scene could be blurred by broad generalizations that I observed in the brief periods I was there since 2012. When it comes to genres, my experience in Canada has always been that there is a predisposition for heavier genres, for punk, shoegaze, slow core rather than folk or more acoustic inclined music, and that music from other countries all fits into the label ‘world music’ rather than holding its own space, that is bossa nova [Brazil], tonada [Venezuela], and milonga [Argentina], lose their musical autonomy and become world music.

If you can summarize your new song in a quick lyrical interpretation what would you say ?

It is a political chant, a manifesto that aims to be crude about the reality faced by the youth forced to depart from their homeland [Venezuela]. However, this song is the last half of a two part song; together they become a fable and then reality, an attempt of creating musically deconstructed magical realism.

What’s one adjective we can use to describe your artistry and why?

I am not sure but perhaps ethereal could fit for now. I have been diving further into a blend of Venezuelan folk songs meets operatic/breathy chants and the lyrics for my solo project are slowly becoming more and more Portuguese and Spanish rather than English as they were before.

Do you hope to become a mainstream international act?

Well I think deep down, yes I would like that but only if I get to do so through the style of music I am writing at the moment, or rather with music that I feel is true to what I strive to create at any given time.

Any big plans, goals, or new year resolutions for 2019?

Not sure as of yet, but I hope to play some shows in the US and hopefully get back to Latin America, I hope to visit Uruguay for the first time and then make my way through the Andes Mountains playing music and learning more about the different rhythms that inhabit that part of the continent.

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