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Josh Bogert Lives In His, “Dreams”

Sweetening our speakers from Vancouver, British Columbia, is a singer-songwriter, actor, and producer Josh Bogert with his whimsical new single, "Dreams."

You might know Josh Bogert from his lead role as Miles Lennox on the Disney/Netflix/Family Channel series Backstage. At a mere 21 years old, Bogert has amassed over 7.7 million streams and over 1 million YouTube views. He's performed at legendary venues like Toronto's Budweiser Stage, the Scotiabank Center in Halifax, and Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton.

Now releasing his warmhearted and passionate new single, "Dreams," Josh Bogert takes listeners into an uplifting pop track with catchy melodies, relatable themes, and an overall groovy feel. The song was written and produced himself; it's the perfect introduction for new listeners to familiarize themselves with Bogert's personal songwriting and lush production.

Diving headfirst into "Dreams," the tune brightly opens with samples of birds chirping alongside lighthearted piano melodies that drop into a warm electro-pop drum arrangement. Josh Bogert wastes no time tugging on our heartstrings with compelling lyrics that touch on how the sunrise feels colder, and those solo drives home are dreadful without someone special by his side.

We can't help but hear some vocal similarities to a few pop icons, almost like Bogert is Canada's Ed Sheeran.

He brings the perfect balance of organic instrumentals and vibrant electro-pop synths that bump through our speakers with incredible energy, playfulness, and passion. There's so much to hear in this track, but Josh Bogert keeps our attention hooked on his charming vocals and loving lyrics that relish the memories with someone dear.

Lose yourself in your "Dreams" with some passionate and relatable help from Josh Bogert's new single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Josh Bogert. We adore the passionate and fun energy you brought to your new single, "Dreams." How did this playful pop song come about?

My goal with this song was definitely to create an upbeat summer song. I wrote it near the beginning of the pandemic, and to me, the song is really about finding fun and joy in difficult situations. The song sounds fun and happy, but the lyrics have a deeper meaning. It’s about finding a happy moment within a more tragic story.

What was your songwriting process like for "Dreams"? Was it easy to convey your thoughts and emotions through lyrics?

“Dreams” came to me very quickly and easily. I usually like to collaborate and co-write my songs, but this is one of the few songs that I wrote alone. I find it hard to remember the writing process, it’s like the lyrics flowed through me, and all of a sudden the song was done! I loved it immediately and when I started sharing it with my friends and family, everyone was really into it.

How do you hope to make listeners feel when hearing "Dreams?” What do you want them to experience?

I want this song to make listeners feel good, and I hope it’s the soundtrack to many good times! I also want listeners to be able to connect to the song through their own stories and experiences.

Along with the single release, there is also a stunning music video out now for “Dreams!” Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the new video.

I wanted this music video to look like an actual dream and provide a unique perspective on the story in the lyrics. I took a road trip to Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island with a few of my best friends, and we shot the video in two days while having an absolute blast!

What's next for you?

I have so many new songs to share with the world, and now that things are ramping up again I’m pumped to be getting back on the live stage!


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