Josué the Poet Makes Us Feel Nostalgic With New Single “Not the Same”

From the west coast of America, preaching the good word of Jesus Christ - Josué The Poet shows that he is “Not The Same” now that Jesus has been accepted in his life.


The song feels like a church song from a movie, musically that is super upbeat and carries a catchy beat for listeners of all kinds. Lyrically, the song gives a truly deep sense of a follower of Jesus Christ and has a Gospel approach while also mixing Hip Hop. Lyrics such as “you gave my whole life meaning, you make this life worth living, I’m not the same anymore”. Vocally, the song has the monotone Hip Hop vocals and they are also accompanied by a female voice who is laying down some heart filled vocal takes from the heavens above! Musically, as mentioned lyrically, the song has a strong Gospel invoice and we are here for it. However, it feels new with the Hip Hop touch that makes it feel as if younger generations can appreciate this, while older generations can nod their heads as it speaks to so many sonic layers.

In conclusion, you should just give yourself the 3 and a half minute long sonic experience of Josué The Poet’s “Not The Same”. We hope it gives you the same hopeful experience as we have had.

Listen to "Not The Same" here.

We love your stage name. How did you come about choosing it?

I was actually just going to use my government name Josue Flores but my engineer, my cousin, convinced me to start thinking of a name. He told me it should be a name that both English and Spanish speakers could read and understand because we make music in both languages. I started to think about what I wanted people to know about me before they had heard any of my music.  I wanted people to know that I'm a writer first. I started out as a poetry writer. In middle school, I remember reading Tupac's book "The Rose That Grew From Concrete", which is a collection of his poems, and it blew my mind. I wanted to write like that. I decided to keep my first name because of what the name Josue/Joshua means. It means  "Yahweh is Salvation". Josue is also the one who conquered the "Promised Land". A true warrior in Israelite history. I added "the Poet" because that is also who I am. A conquering, worshipping poet very much like Josue but also like King David. 

Thanks for sharing "Not the Same" with us. Can you tell us a bit about the creation process of this single? Did you face any challenges before its release?

This song came after my two previously released songs "As I Am" and "History". The way it happened was totally unplanned.  When you come to Jesus you are more than welcome to Him exactly as you are with no behavioral changes. You just come to Jesus the way you are, however, and whoever you are. "As I Am" was my debut single and it is about how I came to Jesus. 

What happens next is that you begin to leave your old life behind. Not because you try or exert effort but because, in Bible talk, you climb the mountain. You begin to chase after Jesus and climb that mountain by reading his word and prayer. Somehow someway your desires to live the life you did begin to change. As you climb the mountain chasing after Jesus your old life becomes your "History" because you leave it all behind. This is what my 2nd single "History" is about.  When you leave your old self and lifestyle behind you become someone else. This is how "Not the Same" was written, because of what I was living at that very moment. I am literally not the same anymore.  The person I was would not believe what it is I'm writing now.  It is true what the Bible says "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..." Proverbs 23:7. My diet changed first, not my behavior. My diet became the word of God and it changed my mind. It changed me from the inside out to the point that it started to affect my behavior. The food you eat literally becomes you but not overnight. It is the same with the word of God. It constitutes you until you are "Not the Same" anymore. This process is actually ongoing and it only ends until your last day. 

A challenge we faced during this time was that my engineer cousin moved back to Ecuador after being in Los Angeles for a couple of semesters in music production school. We released the first 2 songs but then he went back home. I had to duplicate all the equipment that he took back home in order to record. I did it though. I recorded the song and sent it to him.  My cousin mixed it while in Ecuador. He then sent me the mixed files and I had them mastered here in Los Angeles. It was tough but we overcame. 

You mentioned you'll be releasing a new single "Tell the World" on Christmas Day! Did you draw any influence of this new track from your recent release "Not the Same"?

Yes!! I am ready to "Tell the World" of what he has done for me. I am not the same because of Him. He took me as I was, changed my life, and made me a new creation. I am forever in debt to my savior because of the lows that he rescued me from. So much so that I want to tell the world of what has happened. 

If you could choose one artist to collab with in 2020 who would it be?

I would say Dee-1 a Christian hip hop artist from Louisiana. I use to think most Christian rap music was corny but his latest album "God and Girls" changed my mind. I use to not be able to listen to Christian rap and would stick to worship music like Micheal W. Smith, Kirk Franklin, Hillsong Worship, Elevation Worship, etc. but because of Dee-1 I'm more easily intrigued and attracted to Christian rap music.  I couldn't do it before. I still wanted to make Christian rap music but I didn't use to hearing about God in that way. Dee-1 made it easy for me. 

What's next for Josué the Poet as 2019 comes to an end?

I'm releasing "Tell the World", which is more of a Christian contemporary song, and a lyric video for "Not the Same" by the end of the year. I'm starting to contact music blogs and social media influencers who may be interested in using my music for their content. My wife and daughter are the ones singing with me on "Not the Same" and I hope to use them more and more. I'm writing music that's just for them to sing and record. In 2020 I hope to release music that's not just for myself but also music I've written for them to sing, record and perform on their own. My wife is a worship leader at our church and has been for the last few years. She has an amazing voice and stage presence all she needs is the songs to sing and record. I hope to be able to develop as an artist in this coming year but also be able to develop them and build up our own record label House of Grace Worship.