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Js the Best Shares The Mic With Shawny In The Alluring Single, "Baby"

His diverse sound is a perfect mix of Midwest flavor with Southern flair. Js the Best uses his creative genius to sprinkle his style on Hip-hop, Trap, and everything in between.

Growing up under the tutelage of his parents, R&B/Pop star Mini Curry, and legendary saxophonist Al Chisolm III, Js the Best stands on the shoulders of giants in the music industry—but he’s committed to being the shoulders for other artists who come after him.

What started out as a childhood favorite pastime has catapulted Js to musical success as a writer, producer, and performer—on stage and onscreen.

In the entrancing resonance of his latest single, “Baby,” Js the Best recruits the angelic presence of songstress Shawny, in order to capture deluxe harmonies that lift the essence of this intoxicating single. Undertaking hard-hitting lyricism which is carefully exercised in the conveyance of each verse, Js the Best swarms the speakers in opulent rhyme schemes that butter up the intangible instrumentation.

The enigmatic offerings leaked upon each cadence allows your mind to be transported to cloud-nine as you swoon over the artistic abilities of Js the Best. Creating a heavenly fusion between the dynamism released from both Js the Best and Shawny, the vivacity emitted through, “Baby,” has us swaying into their spellbinding elixir that is a Hip-hop, meets Contemporary R&B formation.

With a smooth motive present in the carefully crafted lyrics transmitted, Js the Best speaks words of love and lust as he appeals to the apple of his eye. Hyping up this special woman, and the bond that they share, Js the Best allows a refreshing sparkle to tailor his convoluted world as he emboldens listeners to take part in this anthem as he wears his heart on his sleeve.

Shining a glistening light on the Southern flair he exudes, the limelight looks good shining down on both Js the Best and Shawny.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Js the Best, and congratulations on the release of, “Baby.” What was it like collaborating with Shawny on the creation of this track? How did this collaboration come to be?

Thank you! Always good to spend time with the Buzz. It was great doing the record with Shawny. She’s a phenomenal artist who I know through my Producer “Flaw The God” one of the original members of “The Mighty Olympicks” (Rick Ross, Lil Wayne).

Could you please share a glimpse of the creative process you endured in order to bring this song to life?

Me and T-Money (EMG A&R, T-Money Management) were going through the vault at Flaw studio when we heard the beat. We knew it was gonna be a hot record. I think my first take was a little too hard I just jumped in the booth and started spittin. Flaw and T-Money were like, “na, you gotta come with something smoother”. The next day I came back with an R&B hit. All we needed was a singer to bring it home. Flaw said he had the perfect singer for it. He was right. Shawny Marie bodied the hook and the rest is history.

With your parents being such musical influences on your life, do you find that their art has shaped the sound that you have?

Very much so. Mom and Dad definitely groomed me for the business. Both were on the road heavy in the late 80’s early 90’s. I grew up on R&B and Jazz so naturally, you’ll hear it in my music.

Being one to have shared the stage with iconic artists such as TI, 2 Chainz, Tory Lanez, and Trick-Trick, how have you been adjusting to the events of 2020 leading into 2021 as a performer?

Man, to be real I really miss the stage. It’s been tough being away from the clubs, the festivals, and most importantly the fans. We all have to do our best to be safe and stay healthy. Praying for those who’s been impacted by Covid-19. Live streams, Zoom shows, and VERSUZ helped us survive through 2020 lol. Definitely looking for things to get better and pick up here in 2021.

What can we expect to see next from you?

A lot of new music for sure. You can imagine what a whole year off can do for us Artist. Plenty of time to work on our craft. Also, Look out for my clothing line “Glyphs Apparel”. Working on a biopic for my beautiful Mother Mini Curry Based on her life and musical journey. Hopefully, things continue to get better with Covid and you’ll see me out there on the road again getting it.



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