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JSPH Releases His Latest Trending Hit “Confidence”

JSPH is a talented singer, previously a law school-graduate originating from Kentucky. JSPH has been featured on NPR Music, KCRW and more notably on Pharell’s OTHERtone for his single titled, “Breathe”. Since then, JSPH has consistently released smash singles.

The latest track from JSPH is titled, “Confidence” which adds to his list of bops which has collectively gained nearly 4 million streams independently on Spotify. The track was produced by DJ Corbett who also produced Nipsey Hussle, Bebe Rhexa and Meek Mill. The instrumental track has interesting components in it and has been produced cohesively together along with JSPH’s stellar range of vocals. The upbeat beat and bright bass and other ornamental effects give it a youthful sound. In this song, we find that JSPH is singing about his favorite quality of a woman which is confidence. The song starts off with him contemplating what he could talk about, or what most people look at first in a person which is the physical traits. Contrasting to this, JSPH focuses the song on his admiration for a woman who possesses confidence,aided by falsetto runs and a pulsating chorus. JSPH’s sound is smooth and solid creating his niche in the progressive R&B style that is also sometimes referred to as “modern nostalgia”.

Listen to "Confidence" here.


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