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Jssan Brings a Smooth, and Refreshing Sound to the World of Music With His Song, "Okay"

From a young age, Jssan was inspired by his Nigerian parents who encouraged him to pursue his passion for music starting at the age of four. While growing up in a household of musical intellectuals in Chicago, Jssan’s fascination and ambition to pursue music grew.

His musical career started at his local church where he learned to play multiple instruments and quickly learned that drumming was his strong suit. The church not only acted as his starting point but additionally opened doors that allowed him to travel and perform his music.

What you may not know about Jssan is that he not only performs and writes music but also has a knack for teaching. He has used his talents and years of experience to develop an ear for musical potential while also trying to pursue a successful career as a musician. His first track reached over 100 thousand streams on Spotify and continues to grow each day.

Jssan’s emergence from artist development is sure to encompass musical ingenuity and bring a new, smooth, and refreshing sound to the world of music. “Okay” starts with strong electric vibes while incorporating Hip-Hop & Rap influences. This track resembles that of the works of Drake and The Weeknd. A great track and chorus that'll get anyone motivated and pumped for a workout.

We get a Drake meets The Weeknd vibe from this song. Are these artists which have influenced your sound? Why or why not?

I wouldn't say these two icons inspired my sound, or for this album, it was more of me just vibrating with the beat and delivering what came to my head. It's just a freestyle of me sharing my creative side and doing what I love to do.

What was it like performing in church bands and now branching out into the rap/ hip-hop scene?

I'll admit it's been the best thing I've ever done so far in my lifetime. I don't feel like anything can beat the love I have for music. I remember going to WGN Channel 9 Singsation and Performing on Television as a drummer and making church choir records. I just wish for the best as I branch out to the hip-hop scene.

What is it about the drums that calls to you over other instruments?

The drum is the heartbeat of a song and any musical style. I love my way of expressing myself through drums and being imaginative!!! The drums are the Most eye-catching instrument to me probably the number one reason why I chose it at 3 years old!!!

Thanks for being with us. Okay is a track I can't wait to workout to. Can we expect an album coming soon? 

Right now, I'm developing as an artist, As far as an album, that's something for my fans to look out for in the near future. My goal in 2021-2022 is to release a wave of singles tailored for eager fans looking for a refreshing and positive vibe.  


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