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Juliet Oliver Releases an Achingly Honest Single With, "I Do It To Myself"

Hailing from Southern Australia, the young singer-songwriter and country artist Juliet Oliver releases a heartfelt and ear-pleasing single entitled "I Do It To Myself."

Juliet Oliver first discovered country music through watching Hannah Montana, which led her to the gripping stylings of Taylor Swift, who inspired her to create songs about her life experiences. Fast forward a few years, Oliver landed herself as a grand finalist in the prestigious Toyota Star Maker competition at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2019 and 2020.

In "I Do It To Myself," Juliet introduces us to her versatile music through fusing sounds like country, jazz, and pop while swooning us with her relatable and emotional lyrical content. "I wrote it after coming home from a guy's house, who ultimately broke my heart slowly. It wasn't till I sat on my bedroom floor with my guitar that I came to the realization that he didn't love me and it would never be enough. I wrote the song in thirty minutes," shared Oliver.

Diving into "I Do It To Myself," the song softly opens with a bluesy electric guitar melody and Juliet Oliver's unique and enthralling vocal stylings. As the pop drums begin to tap through our speakers, so do accompanying keyboard melodies that enhance Oliver's soothing and chilling vocal stylings.

As she begins to summon the utmost courage on the pre-hook, Oliver jumps into the chorus with nothing but reflection and emotion to amplify her meaningful message. We love the song's versatile and dynamic instrumentals; they truly showcase Oliver's artistic influences while lifting us into a sonic daydream.

Get your fix of genuine emotion with help from Juliet Oliver's latest single, "I Do It To Myself," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Juliet Oliver. We love the honesty and relatable emotion you've brought to your recent single, "I Do It To Myself." Why do you think it was so easy for you to write this song during your experience with unrequited love?

For me, songwriting has always been a therapeutic exercise. Since I was very young, grabbing my guitar and penning songs about my life on my bedroom floor was just a natural way for me to express myself. It was the same in this instance. I was going through something deeply personal and rather painful, so just like writing a journal or talking to a friend, I detailed my experience in a song. "I Do It To Myself" is truly a diary entry put to music.

How did you write your lyrics for "I Do It To Myself" to not only tell your own story but to allow listeners to relate and understand your emotions? What did you want them to take away from your lyricism?

It wasn't something I overthought - the lyrics in the song are genuine and what was spinning in my mind at that moment. I think audiences connect closely to songs in which the lyrics are sincere, and I hope that is the case with "I Do It To Myself." I hope listeners take away that it's okay to make mistakes, it's okay to not be able to quit things or relationships that are bad for you; in order to grow, you must first bleed. These are fundamental parts of life that we all go through and learn from. I hope listeners can find some shared comfort from my experience.

Why did you want to offer a more bluesy and soulful approach to the instrumentals in "I Do It To Myself?" How does this sonic atmosphere enhance your lyrical message?

The lyrics in the song are deeply personal and complex - to put it simply; it's a very wordy song! I felt it was important to keep the instrumentation subtle and simple in order to let the lyrics shine. In turn, I believe it compliments and emphasizes the messages and emotions within the song. I wanted listeners to hear what I envisioned when I wrote the song alone in my bedroom - I wanted to encapsulate how isolated I felt in that moment, and I feel that really comes through with the simple guitar and piano lines.

Where would you say the majority of the inspiration for your songs comes from? Are you often inspired by love and loss? Or do you explore other experiences to help inspire your music?

As I said, songwriting is like my open diary. I am inspired by all events in my life, whether they are derived from love, loss, heartache, happiness, infatuation, etc. I write what I live and what I am impacted by. Life is beautiful, painful, and wonderful all at once - human nature is exciting! It sure does provide me with a lot of substance to fill my song diary.

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