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Junebug Drops a Refreshing Debut Single, "Cut You Loose"

Hailing from Cambridge, MA, the up-and-coming alternative-folk artist, producer, and singer-songwriter Junebug introduces listeners to her honest and expressive stylings with a debut single, "Cut You Loose."

Prior to the making of her solo project Junebug, Carolyn Fahrner fronted and remains an active member of the alt-rock band 2% Milk. With an affinity to acts like Joni Mitchell and Laura Marling, Junebug aims to represent a more humanistic side of artists through her coming-of-age pains and her experience of coming out as queer.

Now on track to release her debut EP, "Turncoat," in June, Junebug is finally letting listeners into her creative and emotional world through her debut single, "Cut You Loose." "Cut you loose is about trying to let go of people but falling back into those dynamics out of habit; you can say you want to let somebody go, but you have to do it too, and that's hard," states Junebug.

Jumping into the single "Cut You Loose," we're met with a serene and calming keyboard melody, mid-tempo kicks, and Junebug's breathy and dreamy vocals. As the vibrant and filtered electric guitar begins to make its way in, the instrumentals and sonics later expand and grow into this lush and hazy soundscape, especially as Junebug continues emphasizing the pains of cutting a relationship's ties.

Reaching the hook, Junebug soaks us in a beautiful chord change through a soothing array of synths and organic guitars. We can't help but feel that this instrumental shift is meant to highlight the difficulties of moving forward and forgetting those who don't benefit us in the long run.

Show some love to the up-and-coming singer-songwriter Junebug and her debut single, "Cut You Loose," now available on all streaming platforms. Don't forget to mark your calendars for Junebug's forthcoming debut EP, "Turncoat," slated to release this June.



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