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Junk Shows “TWO SIDES” Of The Story

JUNK, a rap battle champion from Vancouver, recently released his newest single, "Two Sides," featuring Caskey of Cash Money fame.

As a seasoned and accomplished artist, JUNK has a rich history of success within the rap industry, having won numerous competitions and toured with some of the biggest names in the business. At just 14 years old, JUNK was already making waves in the hip-hop scene, hosting weekly Hip-Hop nights and taking home top prizes in local rap competitions.

His success continued to grow, culminating in his win of the MTV-hosted "End Of The Weak" national freestyle competition in Toronto, Canada, in 2011. This led him to represent Canada in Paris, where he took 3rd place worldwide.

In addition to his solo work, JUNK co-created the Vancouver cult rap duo Northwest Division with rapper Hungry, releasing several albums that garnered significant attention and led to opening gigs for some of rap's biggest names. JUNK later signed with underground rap legend Snak The Ripper's label Stealth Bomb Records, releasing his first solo album, "I AM NO ONE," in 2016. This album charted in the top 40 Canadian iTunes rap charts and was followed up by the successful "Stupid & Ugly" release in 2017, which has since garnered over 10 million streams across all platforms.

In 2019, JUNK and fellow SBR signee Young Stitch collaborated on the album "LIONS EAT GOATS," which went number one for a week on the Canadian iTunes rap charts, bumping out none other than Eminem for the top spot. JUNK was also nominated for a WCMA Breakout Artist of the Year award and a Best Breakout Artist award at the OWL awards.

Most recently, in 2022, JUNK released his album "Wake Me Up When It's Over", which even bumped Kendrick Lamar's highly anticipated new album out of second place on the Canadian Hip Hop charts for 48 hours. JUNK is in his prime and showing no signs of slowing down.

With "Two Sides," JUNK has once again demonstrated his lyrical prowess and ability to create captivating beats. The track features the talents of Caskey, adding depth and dimension to the song that is both unexpected and refreshing. The track has a haunting quality, with ethereal melodies and an insistent beat that pulses throughout, creating an almost hypnotic effect.

Lyrically, JUNK is in top form, showcasing his skill at crafting intricate and thoughtful verses that explore the complexities of human nature. The theme of duality is prominent throughout, with JUNK reflecting on the two sides of life, perspectives and everything else that shares the rule of yin and yang, the dichotomy of light and darkness within us all. It's a poignant, thought-provoking, relatable, and deeply personal exploration.

Overall, "Two Sides" is an impressive offering from JUNK, demonstrating again why he is such a force to be reckoned with in the rap world. With its haunting melodies and introspective lyrics, the track is a testament to JUNK's unique voice and undeniable talent. It's a must-listen for fans of the genre and a strong indication that JUNK will only continue to rise in the ranks of rap's elite.

Welcome to BuzzMusic JUNK. Big up on yet another banger with “TWO SIDES” Can you tell us about the creative process behind "Two Sides"? How did you develop the haunting melody and introspective lyrics that captivate the track?

To be honest, I just pulled up to the Oxford Ink studios in Jacksonville, FLA, with several beat packs from my usual team of in-house producers from Vancouver. I already had a hunch of what beat we would use. Lo and behold, when I showed it to him, he agreed immediately. We both wrote our verses on the spot briefly after I already had the melody and the concept in my head. The "two sides" concept was something I was feeling at the time. People talk about others too often and make others see them in a negative light or to the narrative desired. I felt like Caskey would fit the whole duality of life concept very well with how profound his work can be. I admit to writing the hook the night before in a garage in palm coast on my homie's washing machine while his kid was sleeping inside because I was too loud.

What was it like working with Caskey on "Two Sides?" How did his unique style and perspective influence the final product?

He was the most humble soul to work with, period. He’s one of the best in the game, IMO. Criminally underrated. He came into the studio and got down to business immediately. Down to earth for real, though. I feel like we have similar styles, so doing this song together really seemed effortless. We are both on a slightly more spiritual hood tip as of late. Hah.

"Two Sides" explores the idea of duality and the life that exists from all angles. How does this theme connect with your experiences and journey as an artist?

I went through a significant personal transformation in the last 3 years. Got clean from drugs and alcohol, went through a divorce, and went into a deep depression but ultimately prevailed. During all this, I lost friends and business connections due to my poor choices and behaviour spawned from my darkness. However, that being said, I heard the rumblings of others on how I may have done them wrong. When you’re going through changes and leave people behind, they tend to talk down on you if they feel jaded about your progress. Essentially I felt like people talk, but it’s up to the listener to decipher the fact that there are two sides to every story. Hear what people say but make the final judgement call yourselves regarding someone’s character.

You have achieved many successes, from winning rap battles to topping the Canadian charts with your albums. How does "Two Sides" fit into the larger story of your artistry and evolution as a musician?

This one is essential because I honestly got to have one of my favourite artists of all time on a song and even more so in a video together. But beyond me being a fan, this was a calculated move to organically get American eyes and ears on me to break into the most significant rap market in the world. And holding my own with one of the elites in this just added another notch in the belt of my own personal evolution—small steps to the top.

"Two Sides" is just one of many impressive tracks on your latest album, "Wake Me Up When It's Over." How does this album differ from your previous releases, and what do you hope listeners take away from it?

Two Sides isn’t on any album yet. However, it will be on my next album that comes out later this year. The Album you’re mentioning though is different from all because it’s my first time being sober making music. I hope the listeners take away that it’s bigger than just rap and hip-hop. It’s an art, and to me, art and poetry trump every individual genre.


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