Juno Award Winning Fergus Hambleton Releases New Song "A Good Place To Be"

Fergus Hambleton recently released the warmest and sweetest mellifluous tune for us to simply enjoy. Titled “A Good Place To Be" this song satisfies your crave for instant happiness. The song starts with Fergus Hambleton's voice simmering you into the song with his ravishing vocals so memorable it will be utterly impossible for you to forget!

It’s extremely buoyant and the lyricism promotes something positive rather than nonsense. You can play this song at family gatherings or in any atmospheric setting where you’re enjoying others company and the love received from other people. That’s the special effect this song has on you. It encourages you to share endearment and appreciate your surroundings and the people in your life more. A cute sing-a-long tune digestible for any audience and any age range. Fergus Hambleton gave us the jolliest hit we can admire for the upcoming Holiday seasons!

Listen to “A Good Place To Be” and follow Fergus Hambleton on social media for updates and new music!

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