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Juston Kace And Cory Jones Delivered A Hit With “Easy 2 Love You”

Juston Kace is an emerging rap artist out of Los Angeles, California who has teamed up with 24 hours for a new radio hit titled “Easy 2 Love You” featuring Cory Jones.

Juston Kace and Cory Jones delivered the heat with “Easy 2 Love You”, a clubbing hit that’s going to have the party fuming! “Easy 2 love you” has a rhythmically enjoyable beat that gets you dancing. The energy was perfect and the tempo was just right! Who doesn’t love a good twerking beat? This summer is going to be filled with new bops and “Easy 2 Love You” is certainly one of them! The delivery of the vocalist and rapper were both executed with success. The way Juston Kace displayed his track with a transition in his flow really showcased how ready he is for the mainstream crowd! The vocalist had this nice smoothly-sailed vocal tone, showing emphasis on the R&B vibe of the record. “Easy 2 Love You” will fit in perfectly with the plethora of radio hits we hear today! Summer never looked as bright, and with great new music and comforting new vibes, we’re excited to get the fun season going with Juston Kace!

Listen to “Easy 2 Love You” here and get to know more about Juston Kace below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Juston Kace! Mind telling our readers a little bit about your background and why you decided to pursue music!?

Hey, what's up my name is Juston Kace. I was raised in Minnesota where I first starting making music and videos as a young kid and uploading them on myspace back then. Then when I was around 15 I moved to Long Beach and I've been all through Cali since.

Who would you say are some of your influences for your wavy style and sound!?

I wouldn't call them influences as far as style and sound go, but overall just as an artist I like the way Chance The Rapper, Drake has constructed their careers and the bigger things they have been able to accomplish through music.

Let’s talk about the fire hit “Easy 2 Love You”, what about this song appealed to you the most from an artist perspective?

The first time I heard the beat I knew it was my next single right away. Shoutout to Freeze Pop Beats who was the producer behind the record. I thought it would be dope to have 3 different artists on it just because I thought 3 different styles on a beat like that would be a crazy record for the radio. So I reached out to my guy Cory Jones on the hook and 24hrs was vibin with it so he sent over his verse and next thing you know it's a hit.

What was the major theme behind the record!?

The theme behind it was just a good vibe something that's easy to love, easy to listen and dance to. To just have good time.

What’s next for you Juston Kace?

More music and more videos all throughout the rest of the year I will be locked in for yall so make sure to follow me on Instagram and all social media @justonkace


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