JuzMass Gives Us A Taste Of His Unique Sound In, "Story of Keisha"

Born and raised in the hood of Nassau, Bahamas, JuzMass grew up in a home where narcotics paid the bills, friends and family died in broad daylight, and only the strong survived. Fast-forwarding to a couple of years ago, he came to Toronto on a work visa and found himself hustling to work around the clock as he would write and record hip-hop.

As his music comes from a creative view of the world, JuzMass allows his music to be a medley of motivational, based on his previous life, or straight-up club bangers. He believes each song is unique and tries to tell stories through hip-hop as a medium.

His most recent release, "Story of Keisha" takes an approach that has us firsthand invested in the lyrical tale. Through melodic instrumentation that sits between a blend of mid-tempo and upbeat, there's booming energy that comes trickling from this record. Devoted to the new wave of hip-hop with groovy verses submerging the speakers in slick cadences and memorable rhyme schemes, JuzMass pulls us directly into this composition in an empowering manner.

With heavy-hitting wording like, 'They keep jocking my sway but still act like they don't know me. Bet when slide the in da wrathe, nothing to say the inimitable swagger that JuzMass presents as he carries himself forth is rather intoxicating. We find ourselves getting lost in the hype essence of this hit as the trademarks allow it to hold mainstream potential.

What we love about a JuzMass performance has to be the fact that he holds his ground in the lyrics he delivers. We don't question the content being rapped about with a self-assured exterior as his credibility soars high with us. As he takes deeper into his lyrical dexterity and knack for creating catchy bops, JuzMass is well on his way to stardom.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, JuzMass! Congratulations on the release of "Story of Keisha." We love everything about this song! Could you please take us into what it means to you?

The record is my introduction to this new school melodic sound. I’ve crafted a sound that is being fine turned every day I’m at a point I feel this song can stand with any artist in Toronto that has a buzz to their name.

Was there a particular moment or story that sparked the inspiration for this record?

I listen to Drake and Yung Blue (mines still), and was inspired to tell my story about Keisha. It’s crazy where inspiration comes from

How does "Story of Keisha" compare to your previously released single "Filthy"?

I think they both are great songs just into different lanes ..filthy speaks on my everyday life and Keisha speaks on a time period that I was in.

Is there a specific message you wanted to send with this release?

I started to take rap seriously 3 years ago. I look back and see where I started from it’s crazy. The levels of change that have happened are undeniable. See your vision speak it and then make it happen

What's your mission statement as an artist?

My mission is simple. Trap life is no life at all, there is more to life than the trap. We can get to the bans without da pyrex as young black men.