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.Jxck Has Us Wanting Answers to the Question, "What Do U Say"

It was early on in life when artist and producer .Jxck learned the guitar, bass, and drums, where he grew up in Portland, Maine.

Later on, .Jxck expanded his musical skill set while learning the piano, production, rapping, and singing. After dropping his debut solo EP, ‘Motions,’ in the fall of 2017, he began touring throughout the United States and performing frequently in NYC. Now based out of New York City, .Jxck released Motions II featuring hits like "Come Close," "Let U Down," and "Aquatic Energyha," a music catalog that reflects his artistic virtuoso, including the most recent addition, his ‘Beautiful Day’ EP.

Taking our undivided attention to the third song offered up on the ‘Beautiful Day’ tracklist, we come across the laid-back finesse of “What Do U Say.” Introducing our ears to a rhythmic display that sways in a realm of Lo-fi Hip-hop meets contemporary R&B, the genre-bending composition eases us into the sweet melodies that lace the speakers in euphoric bliss.

.Jxck has a prevailing tone that moves mountains in the way he performs lyrical content originating from his heart. Approaching the heartfelt tenors in a way that wraps us up in poetic installments of authenticity, there is an unspoken beauty to the way .Jxck conveys his techniques as an artist. Encouraging us to feel the music that shakes up the speakers, you’re toured into the depths of his energy as each melismatic croon expands through the sound waves in an expansive fashion.

“What Do U Say,” is equally as charming as it is alluring. There is a raw wit that illuminates from the vessel of emotion that is stirred up each time .Jxck offers up a piece of himself. Served best with pacifying instrumentation that acts as a therapeutic canvas for .Jxck to create upon, the genius knitted into ‘Beautiful Day,’ truly backs the project's title.

Welcome to BuzzMusic .Jxck, and congratulations on the release of your EP ‘Beautiful Day.’ With a song like “What Do U Say,” honing in on a conscious, yet buoyant approach to your musical talents; what is this track's significance to you?

The interesting thing about "Do U Say" is that it wasn’t my heart’s main focus compared to some of the other songs on the 'Beautiful Day' record. I just thought it would be fun to make something a little more groovy since a lot of my music bears a good amount of emotional weight. I wanted to give my listeners and myself a break from that, and a moment to just enjoy a fun beat with a more positive story.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process looked like when bringing life to this EP? As the producer and artist behind the creative genius, what was your experience like creating ‘Beautiful Day?'

I love getting the chance to make these projects brick by brick. Playing instruments has always brought me joy, and writing songs has always been an important outlet both emotionally and melodically. I usually start with the beat, playing chords or drums, and then go from there. Just like all of my projects, Beautiful Day was just a reflection of everything around me at a certain time in my life.

In terms of the energy conveyed and the words you bring to life, what do you hope that your audience takes away from “What Do U Say?"

For "What Do U Say," I really hope that the lyrics give listeners some breathing room to enjoy the groove of the song. The words can also be relevant and enjoyable with a more positive spin on love, but I wanted to leave listeners a chance to just have fun.

How have you found yourself growing in your craft from the release of your first project to now?

I think just like any artist, I have grown more with every project I’ve made. But I do believe that because art is so subjective, that this growth isn’t exactly linear. But in terms of being truly intentional with a record, I’d say 'Beautiful Day' is definitely a step up from my last projects. From chord progressions, to mixing to the tracklist I tried to make Beautiful Day a truly cohesive piece of work.

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