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Jzy Jay Dedicates New Single To Humankind, “God’s Artillery”

Singer-songwriter and R&B recording artist Jzy Jay is serenading new and loyal listeners alike with his captivating new single, "God's Artillery."

We've had the pleasure of crossing paths with Jzy Jay before, and if we've learned anything about the up-and-coming R&B star, he's not messing around. Having released bangers like "BBS" and "Rewind" in 2020, he's back and ready to attack the modern scene with new tunes that are equally impactful and timeless.

The same can be said about his latest single, "God's Artillery," which is bound to resonate with anyone with a heart. It's a modern-day ballad not just to a woman whose beauty is a weapon but to the world's beauty, the people in it, and everyone attempting to make this world better than how we found it.

The refreshing new single sounds like something from the vault of Thundercat or Childish Gambino but with Jzy Jay's unique, soulful twist. "God's Artillery" sweetly opens with a Pharrell-esque beat that leans into a dreamy R&B atmosphere, where Jzy Jay serenades listeners with honest lyrics that praise someone's heavenly presence, beauty, and essence. Jzy Jay wastes no time making a significant impact with his sweet-sounding, storytelling lyrics.

But not surprisingly, the song gets even more beautiful as it continues. Jzy Jay honors the shining and vibrant nature of this special person while extending that same appreciation to us, humankind, who are doing our best to fix the broken world we live in today. This serene R&B lullaby packs a powerful message, and we'd encourage anyone to listen.

Allow Jzy Jay to help you weather any storm with his empowering, gratitude-forward single, "God's Artillery," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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