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K-cuzz Proves He Is One to Watch In New Single, “Northpole Dancer”

It is extremely apparent that Hip-Hop artist K-cuzz is fueled by an intense determination and love for his craft.

Toronto-born K-cuzz has just released his third album entitled, 'Pressure,' featuring the hit track, "Northpole Dancer." Throughout the album, he speaks to the pressure cooker he has been under his entire life and the challenges he has had to face to persevere through it all. His music reflects the ebbs and flows that life offers, reflecting a wide variety of tracks. He notes that this album is a mixture of songs for the streets, tracks for his friends and significant others, and meaningful, relatable messages of determination and perseverance.

If you're looking for a song to vibe to with your friends or at the club, "Northpole Dancer" hits the mark. K-cuzz has created a chilled-out yet dynamic Hip-Hop track that you can't help but love. An enticing beat carries the song along, maintaining a steady energy throughout. At the same time, contrast is created through light, soothing keys that back up the dynamic beat as well as K-cuzz's vocals, enticing the listener's ear with its softer presence. K-cuzz's vocals are smooth yet powerful. His flow is melodic and engaging, perfectly gliding in and around the production that is backing him. We can't help but latch on to every word with their captivating delivery.

Go show the extremely talented K-cuzz some love on his song, "Northpole Dancer," the featured track from his full-length album, Pressure." Make sure to keep an eye out for this rising talent; he's one to watch.

Welcome to BuzzMusic K-cuzz, and congratulations on your latest release, “Northpole Dancer." Can you tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind the track?

In my City of Toronto, there are tons of females tagging @thenorthdancer who think they are north pole dancers/models this was some of the inspiration behind the song NorthPole dancer.

We love the energy and vibe behind the production of “Northpole Dancer." Did you have a vision in mind for the production when you initially wrote the track? Who helped you bring the sonics to life?

I directed the video by myself, I had the idea of a stripper music video. I rented a club and got a few ladies together and got to work.

Did you face any challenges while recording your latest album, “Pressure” featuring “Northpole Dancer?"

I recorded this album during the beginning stages of covid 19. This was the biggest issue I faced during the process of making the album.

Did you have a specific idea in mind of you who hoped this song would resonate with the most? What do you hope listeners will take away from this song while hearing it for the first time?

Yes, I had an idea ladies would resonate with this song. I mainly direct my music for female fans and have started to gain alot of female fans around the world.

What's next for you?

My next project is an RnB EP dropping with a music label. I will be dropping a 5 song EP in 3 parts beginning in March.


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