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K Delore Makes Us Feel 'Loved,' With a 5-Track EP

The inspirational/Christian artist, singer-songwriter, actress, model, and fifteen-year Air Force veteran K Delore touches our hearts with a personal 5-track EP entitled 'Loved.'

With a growing passion for gospel music, K Delore spent her time in the military traveling the world and performing at local church events and talent shows. After her solo career launched in 2018, K Delore quickly amassed a loyal following that's excited to see what's in store for the up-and-coming Christian/inspirational artist.

With an innate passion for inspiring and uplifting listeners through song, K Delore's recent 5-track EP, 'Loved,' does precisely that. Throughout the entire project, K Delore grooves and jams with incredible soul while leaving listeners inspired to feel a part of something greater. While paying tribute to her lord and savior above, K Delore delivers a mesmerizing performance that's sure to sweep any listener off their feet.

The EP, 'Loved,' opens like a breath of fresh air with K Delore's introductory track, "Hero." While setting the project's tone with her soft r&b/soul keys and mid-tempo percussion breakdowns, K Delore's magnetic performance shatters our speakers with incredible faith, love, and honor. As she begins describing her hero above and relying on Him to guide her through life's peaks and valleys, the soothing instrumentals and production drifts through like a daydream and delivers warm food for the soul.

As we move onto the EP's second track, "Better," the sonic and instrumental atmosphere begins to expand into a happier and uplifting space through the upbeat drum breaks, short synth arrangements, and K Delore's thankful lyricism. As she expands on her journey through the darkest of nights, Delore mentions that everything seemed to be coming up roses after turning to her savior when times got tough. Back and "Better" than ever, K Delore has now set sail onto her fruitful journey thanks to the power above.

Reaching the project's halfway point with "Safe in His Arms," K Delore delivers a more introspective and emotional ballad. While describing the coldest nights and the storms above, K Delore expands on the feeling of loneliness and waiting for daylight to shine through her windows once again. While the instrumentation offers vast emotion through their down-tempo drums and faint piano melodies, K Delore later reminds herself to leave it all up to her protector, as she feels nothing but "Safe in His Arms."

Upping the groove with the EP's fourth track, "Alright Now (VF Remix)," the track opens with a Pharrell-type four-count intro while K Delore and her layered harmonies blast through like the first ray of sun to hit your window on a crisp summer morning. We truly adore the upbeat and groovy feel of this track, especially as the instrumentals offer their jazzy undertones through punchy drum breaks, smooth r&b keys, and bright brass instrumentation. While K Delore sings of feeling alright after holding onto faith during the darkest times, we drift into the EP's final and outro track.

Ending off the EP with its last track, "Safe in His Arms (Performance Track)," we're met with an instrumental version of the project's third piece. This time around, the song highlights K Delore's serene background harmonies and the song's tender instrumentation. Truly leaving us with boundless reflection, hope, and passion through this outro instrumental, we feel all the more refreshed to seek guidance from the power above.

Let K Delore's recent 5-track EP, 'Loved,' inspire you to get in touch with your spiritual side and reach for guidance from the magnificent powers above. 'Loved' is now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, K Delore. We truly adore the passion, hope, and faith you've delivered on your recent 5-track EP, 'Loved.' When did you begin forming and creating ideas/songs for this EP? How long was the entire project in the making?

I started writing for this EP in late 2019, soon after the release of my first singles ALRIGHT NOW and SEASONS in late 2018. But life happened and it took a little longer than expected to finalize this project. In total from start to release, it took about 2 ½ years.

What inspired you to pay tribute to your lord, protector, and savior through a 5-track EP, 'Loved?’

I just love God! And I’m so grateful that He gave his son Jesus to die on the cross for me. I didn’t grow up in church. I didn’t start going to church until I was about 14 and that’s when I started to learn about God and developed a love for Gospel music. I know that I would not be where I am today without Him. I’ve been through a lot in my life; struggled a lot mentally and emotionally and it was my faith that got me through life. This EP is me putting some of my heart into a song.

Is there a particular song in your EP, 'Loved,' that's the most personal to you and close to your heart?

The song that is most personal to me is Safe in His Arms because it talks about the struggles I’ve had with my faith. Life constantly throwing curveballs at me and I’m struggling to believe that my faith can get me through it. I keep reminding myself that I don’t have to do this life in my own strength, I can ask God for help. He is my strength, my comfort, my shelter; in His arms is the safest place in the world. All I have to do is lift Him up, exalt Him and watch Him work on my behalf!

Did you work alongside any producers, musicians, or engineers when creating the instrumentals/sonics for your EP, 'Loved?’

I had the BEST team! My husband, Endre Blaq is THE BEST! He is an awesome producer, and he produced this EP. He got together a great team of musicians to follow his lead on SAFE IN HIS ARMS. He also connected with a great producer named Venuz Beats for HERO. Everything else was all him. He’s also a very talented singer and songwriter as well.

What did you want your audience to feel and take away from the entirety of your recent project, 'Loved?’

I have a passion to inspire and uplift people through song. I believe music should make people feel good; it should put a smile on someone’s face. After listening to a song, someone should feel better than they did before they pressed play. I want people to listen to this EP to feel inspired, to dance, to worship, to groove, and to keep the faith!

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