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K. Epps And His Goals "Gotta Go" To The Top

The multifaceted talents of K. Epps have him exploring the musical avenues of being a singer, songwriter, rap artist, and producer. One opportunity away from blowing the roof off the music industry, it was at 12-years-old that his interest in music began to take off by watching hip hop ciphers and battle rap.

K. Epps has said, "Music is a form of therapy. Expressing my truth through music is therapeutic; it liberates and challenges me to grow as an artist and person." Despite being a prolific emcee, K. Epps had a growing passion for R&B. Resonating with songs that his parents would play from artists such as Anita Baker, Sade, and Stevie Wonder to name a few, he eventually began utilizing his rap skills and singing voice as he gives a light-hearted, assertive, heartfelt, and at times aggressive style of delivery in his music.

As we grasp the upbeat and vibrant essence of K. Epps' latest single, "Gotta Go," we hear how the essence of his skill set meshes with mainstream appeal. As we fixate our eyes on the lyrically charged song's music video component, we recognize the playfulness that K. Epps holds onto as he professes his goals and ambitions to his audience. With constant motion overtaking the entirety of your screen, K. Epps has us on the hook as we're witness to him escaping anything tying him down and stopping him from reaching his pinnacles.

Through the variety of scenes depicted, whether K. Epps is on the beach or running through his neighborhood from the police, his drive remains intact, and his character upholds the greatness he has set out for. With metaphors chalking up the messaging reiterated, it is no surprise that K. Epps' fan base is with him for the long haul. We love just how we can hear the south-inspired artistry of his vocal delivery touch on his lyrical influences of Ludacris. While expressing his struggles and passions on the pursuit of happiness with witty wordplay and mixes of melodies and harmonies, K. Epps will continue to dominate the world of hip-hop with his mesmerizing persona.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, K. Epps! Congratulations on the release of your music video for "Gotta Go." What inspired the witty concept we see in the visuals, and how does this tie into the lyrics you perform?

The song itself was inspired by just being tired of feeling like my time is being wasted & the frustration of me not using discernment. You know, dealing with people that "beat around the bush." & tired of hearing what someone claims they have and what they're doing and not seeing any results from what's being said. No one likes the feeling of false hopes. As far as the visuals, I wanted to find a fun, creative way to express the term "Gotta Go," which can be looked at in more than one way. So throughout the video, I'm constantly on the move. I'm constantly on the go. You know, I "Gotta Go" based on the circumstances I need to move. The visuals tie in with lyrics in a way where you feel like your environment is becoming too tense you "Gotta Go," when you feel like time is being wasted you "Gotta Go," And bringing those two perspectives together with words & visuals was fun to do.

How important is it for you to be vulnerable about your aspirations in the music you create?

I have come to realize. It's very important. It's not always easy for me because being vulnerable is very uncomfortable & something I'm still getting used to. But the experience taught me that when you start from a place of truth, whether it's vulnerable or not, that's when you begin to grow. Being vulnerable is an ingredient of being honest & honesty is a strong foundation for growth. Tryna grows & builds off of lies you'll only get but so high before that weak foundation comes falling down. And the successful artists I look at today all have that vulnerability in their music & it's felt. So if I'm going to achieve the goals I have with music, I have to express who I am, where I am, & how I feel, you know...the ups with the downs. And as human beings, we all feel the same emotions, & expressing them in music is a way to connect with people.

What was it like on the set of "Gotta Go?" How did your team help you achieve the vision you set out for?

Being on set for "Gotta Go" was a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Anytime I'm shooting a music video for a song of mine, I like people to feel relaxed and have a good time. And how I go about it is giving each person a heads up well in advance of what's expected of them.. so they're not feeling bombarded at the last minute. And I talk light-heartedly about it too. I'm often open to ideas that they may have to make them feel more included... & possibly improve my original thoughts. When everyone is having a good time, It's hard to suck at having fun. So I make a conscious effort to create a fun environment while we're still getting work done. But the team helped out by being on time to the set by pushing themselves to execute each role they portrayed. If they knew they could do better, they would want another shot at doing another take. And I always appreciate that kind of effort.

What would you like your audience to take away from the central message of "Gotta Go?"

To use discernment. To be completely honest with yourself. If you're in an environment with a bunch of liars, don't become one. Change your environment. Don't waste time. Our thoughts and actions get us closer to what we want or push us further away from it. If you see a situation that is pushing you further away from your "Gotta Go," leave. Change your course and get back on the right path.

What's next for you?

To bring more awareness to my music. The project is dropping soon "E.P.P.S pt.1 The Vision" May 2022 & to continue to grow as an artist and as a person. To live my beliefs & connect with more people.

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