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K4YLEE Travels Through "HELL AND BACK," on Latest Single

Texan artist K4YLEE is back to vent her heart out in a powerfully-inspirative single, "HELL AND BACK." The writing mannerisms that K4YLEE has adapted are very clever, as she's able to impactfully connect with her listeners in an enduring way.

"HELL AND BACK" is no exception, and right from the jump, K4YLEE's creative offering gives listeners an exhilarating, action-packed experience. With punchy tones and raunchy beats, "HELL AND BACK" ties well into the powerful expressions of K4YLEE. Her vocal and lyrical content strike in an effective way as she delves into the female perspective. She's extremely frontward and aware with her approach, especially in asserting a tone that establishes her Punk/Rock presence.

"HELL AND BACK" is comparable to the likes of The Pretty Reckless; that same free, fun, and crazy energy are encapsulated into the vocalism of K4YLEE, with a lyricism that packs the same kind of punch. In "HELL AND BACK," K4YLEE dictates how she's, well, "been through hell and back," but she ultimately takes the opportunity to express the realities of our modern-day society and the resulting animosity that consequently follows.

Another interesting element to the lyrical content of "HELL AND BACK" is the awareness that K4YLEE has on the perceptions of others, and how much control such perceptions can have on one if they allow it. She's very aware as an artist and she creatively tells her thoughts, feelings, and overall story in a poetic-like way.

K4YLEE makes it clear in "HELL AND BACK" that she isn't afraid to express herself authentically and tell her truth to her listeners. We're anticipating more of her seasoned, empowered mindset in future music, as K4YLEE's strong-willed persona will always be a fan favorite.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, K4YLEE. "Hell and Back" sure hit hard with its sharp and gritty tones. What atmosphere were you hoping to create for your listeners with your vocal style?

I’m glad it made such an impact! With this song, I knew the vocals needed to be intense to convey the underlying theme of rage. We went into writing ‘HELL AND BACK’ with the intention of creating an empowering feminist anthem, and the most effective kinds of anthems are the ones you want to shout and scream to! "Hell and Back" contained an assertive and confident narrative. Can you elaborate more on the intended direction of the song, and what inspired the particular lyrical theme?

Sure! Lyrically, I use the word ‘you' a lot, revealing that I am directing my aggression towards another entity. As to whom I’m referring to, this song is basically a diss track aimed at the entire patriarchy and anyone gatekeeping what ‘femininity’ should look like. I will not stand for the narrative that women can’t be assertive and express themselves confidently without being labeled as ‘mean’ or ‘nasty.' As far as the direction of the song, of course, I want this song to empower females like me who are tired of living in a society that is constantly putting their self-identity into question, but I think it would have more of an impact on the people who might not be as educated on the topic of feminism. Overall, I hope ‘HELL AND BACK’ lights a new fire within every listener. What did the release of "Hell and Back" mean for you both artistically and personally?

I really enjoyed creating ‘HELL AND BACK’ because it was such a politically driven track where I got to touch on some very important issues that are prevalent in our society. It felt freeing that I could speak my mind and it made me take on a new perspective of what it means to be an artist, realizing the importance of using my platform to draw awareness and attention to causes that are bigger than myself.

Where do you see the aesthetic of your sound going from here? Do you plan to continue the same lyrical approach as well, or can listeners anticipate any contrast?

I will continue to bring authenticity and emotion to the music I create, and I truly believe that there will always be a mirror within my lyrics for anyone who looks closely enough. I think the most interesting artist’s catalogs have a diverse range of sound and a variety of lyrical themes and that’s what I hope to demonstrate with my upcoming releases.


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