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Kacey Fifield Expands Her Discography Once More With, “Like Us”

Los Angeles-based award-winning singer-songwriter and explorative recording artist Kacey Fifield teams up with Albanian electronic producer Marin Hoxha for their stimulating new single, "Like Us."

The determined 17-year-old recording artist never fails to wow listeners with her perpetual state of exploration and genre-bending. We've had the pleasure to watch Kacey Fifield blossom into an adventurous recording artist with a pop foundation, blessing producers and DJs with her dreamy vocals and mesmerizing performance stylings.

We recently heard Kacey Fifield broaden her horizons with a deep house single entitled "Toxic." This time around, she continues exploring electronic genres in her new future bass hit, "Like Us," alongside Albanian electronic producer Marin Hoxha. With the release of the new single, Fifield is solidifying her progress in the broad electronic genre.

The new single, "Like Us," kicks off with Kacey Fifield's stunning vocals alongside Marin Hoxha's dreamy and ethereal production. As she continues serenading us with her tender and passionate vocals, Fifield reminds us that everyone has a fire burning deep inside them, but there's one particular flame she shares with someone special that's unmatched.

This new single is an affectionate and exciting pop, dance, and future bass anthem that's bound to unite listeners and help them celebrate even life's smallest moments. Marin Hoxha delivers all the sonic euphoria we could ask for, and Kacey Fifield's fluid vocals dance overtop to create quite a well-rounded listening experience.

When you need a melodic pick me up, or simply a taste of contemporary future bass, hit play on Kacey Fifield and Marin Hoxha's sonically delicious new single, "Like Us," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Kacey Fifield. We love the explorative and euphoric vibes of your latest single with Marin Hoxha, "Like Us." What inspired you to continue exploring the electronic genre with this track?

Thanks so much! I felt that electronic music was the best choice for the message I hope to convey and the energizing vibe that I wanted the song to have.

Was this your first time working alongside Albanian electronic producer Marin Hoxha for "Like Us?" What was your collaborative experience like?

Yes, this was my first time working with Marin Hoxha, but it definitely won’t be my last! I absolutely loved the way the uplifting track combines pop and EDM to support my vocals and create an inspirational, joyful song. He’s so talented, and his production fits the song perfectly! It was amazing working together.

What was the core message or theme you wanted to share with listeners in "Like Us?"

Like Us is about how, even despite our flaws and imperfections, we're still strong, unique individuals ready to take on the world.

Do you have any advice for other artists looking to broaden their creative horizons and step into unfamiliar genres? How has this experience helped you grow?

It’s so important to try out new things in order to find your sound. I’ve loved experimenting and combining different kinds of music; it’s helped me advance my songwriting and grow as an artist!

What's next?

My debut album, 'Between the Lines,' is dropping everywhere on September 30th. I couldn’t be more excited!


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