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Kacey Fifield Returns with Robbie Rosen For Their Tender Single, "Last Breath"

The award-winning 15-year-old Artist and Singer/Songwriter Kacey Fifield teams up with Robbie Rosen to release a heartfelt ballad drenched in regret with "Last Breath." The Los Angeles-based creator has been writing and releasing music since the mere age of ten, Kacey Fifield is also deeply passionate about humanitarian issues and places heavy themes like this into her sweet-sounding music. Not to mention the New York-born Singer/Songwriter and Producer Robbie Rosen, you might have seen his tunes across Spotify, garnering over 7 million streams.

With their latest single, "Last Breath," Kacey Fifield and Robbie Rosen serenade us with a brilliant and dynamic vocal back and forth.

While singing of the relationship they've fled from but reminiscing on the times they've spent together, they both offer us an immense amount of passion, especially with help from the soft and smooth Pop production.

"Last Breath" begins with Robbie Rosen's soft vocals accompanied by serene piano chords. As the surrounding production begins to swell with a soothing string section, Kacey Fifield makes her vocal appearance and offers the song a beautifully dynamic atmosphere as she compliments Robbie Rosen's vocals perfectly.

Reaching the chorus, the layered vocals between Kacey Fifield and Robbie Rosen give listeners inevitable chills. At the same time, they sing lyricism surrounding coming together when one reaches their last breath and forgetting the past. The surrounding blissful and serene Pop production takes listeners on a sweet sonic ride that puts Kacey Fifield and Robbie Rosen's vocals on a pedestal.

With each soft and soothing aspect of their single "Last Breath," Kacey Fifield and Robbie Rosen have wildly impressed us with the profound heart and desire they've placed into this sweet single.

Why did you want to make your song "Last Breath" a collaboration?

This song just had to be a duet because, as we all know, there are two sides to every story! It was only fitting for there to be two singers, each telling a different view of the same situation. In this way, we were able to show that each person has a different perspective on what happened and that both people felt hurt. What made you want to expand the song beyond your vocals? I have been working with Robbie for two years now and we have recorded two covers together. Fans really seemed to love our voices together so we decided to record an original single! "Last Breath" was written for both of us. Within the serene and soothing production in "Last Breath," how did you formulate the song to offer this cinematic and heartfelt tone? We wanted to write a song that people could relate to in their own way. This song can describe a plethora of heartbreaks, whether it be a lost bond with an old friend, betrayal by someone who was a close friend, or a breakup, we wanted this song to relate to whatever struggle that the listener has gone through. The world's current situation makes us all reflect more on what's important in life and that relationships should take priority. What was your songwriting process like when writing such personal and vulnerable lyrics within "Last Breath?" We wrote the lyrics to be able to describe various heartbreaks. The song is essentially asking, "If I were down to my last breath, would you be there for me despite our past issues?" Through multiple virtual meetings and a lot of brainstorming, we worked together to choose the perfect lyrics to encapsulate this. Did you and Robbie Rosen write your lyrics together or separately? We developed all of the lyrics and melodies together over Skype! Is Robbie Rosen the first artist you've collaborated with on a song? Yes, he is! Now that you've mentioned it. "Last Breath" is my first original duet! As I have mentioned before, we have recorded two covers previously, but this is my first original singing collaboration.

Might we hear more collaborations from you soon?

For sure! I love working with Robbie. We always have a great time working together. I have been super proud of the result every time we put something out there. Expect more collaborative projects in the future!

What can we expect to see next from you, as we enter a new year?

I'm currently working on a few new original singles which will be released next year. I can't give out any details, but be sure to stay tuned for updates on my social media platforms!



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