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Kacey V Has Us Feeling, "SO GOOD"

Maybe it’s something she learned growing up in NYC, but Kacey V doesn’t hold anything back; especially not in the music that she creates.

Kacey V’s songwriting approaches customs lyrics that are as candid and bold as she is, embracing everything from the highs in happiness to loneliness and anxiety. Her vocal range, strength, and abilities are showcased in all of her songs through memorable and emotional performances in the recording studio and at live shows.

In the Electro-Pop vibrations of her most recent single, “SO GOOD,” Kacey V serenades us in the sultry confidence that pushes the envelope of her larger than life persona. Dripped in the radiant harmonies that she exudes so effortlessly, we are caught up in the intoxicating timbres that spill out from her soul-infused passion.

Submerged in the airy synths, rhythmic bass lines, and mid-tempo fusion of the instrumentation pulsing through the speakers, “SO GOOD,” produces a victorious atmosphere in the powerful love-struck messaging that she emits. Kacey V hits every note and vocal run in a manner that screams utter talent. Her skill set is versatile yet fits right in the pocket of numerous Pop sensations, all while offering a sound that is catered to her fearless personality.

As you feel the charisma being transmitted through the sound waves, you become attached to the personal touch that Kacey V leaves on all of her compositions. She places that extra tender love and care into her craft in order to make sure that it is perfectly tailored to her fan base. With the hunger that Kacey V exudes, there is no stopping this up and coming superstar in all of her future endeavors.

Congratulations on the release of your new hit single, “SO GOOD.” Could you please take us into the inspiration for the lyrics written on this track?

Hey! Thank you so much! While writing “So Good”, I sat at the piano and heard the melodies of the song first. I knew I wanted the lyrics to reflect this sultry & sexy vibe, so I got as real and raw as I could when writing them to really set an intimate scene for listeners.

As an artist, there is so much detail that goes into the creative process. How do you know when a song is complete?

I think the saying “follow your gut” is one to live by as an artist. Once a song is written and brought to life in the studio, I have some reflection to do. Did the lyrics & melodies come together in a way that perfectly tells my story and message? Did the production elevate the song in a way that leaves listeners truly feeling something? Did I give my all in my vocal performance and emotionally connect to the art I want to share? If I can answer yes to these questions and listen to my gut feeling, I know a song is complete :)

What happens to be your favorite part of the creative process?

Bringing a song to life in the studio is my favorite part of the creative process. Going into a session with talented musicians and producers is such an awesome collaborative experience, especially when we’re all on the same page with the direction that a song should go. It’s cool to hear what I’ve been hearing in my head be played out loud over amazing speakers!

What would you like your listeners to take away from, “SO GOOD”?

When I wrote "So Good", I wanted to explore R&B vibes, not only in the production but in my vocals as well. This song gave me the opportunity to focus on my vocals in a way that I hadn’t before in my previous releases. I hope listeners connect to the vocals and the sexy vibes of the song.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I’m super excited to release new music and other creative content in 2021! Hoping that everyone stays safe and healthy in this new year!

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