Kacey V Stuns Listeners with Her Invigorating Energy in "Patient"

Emerging Pop artist Kacey V is spreading her infectious spirit and soul with new music.

The singer/songwriter intricately crafts her sound and lyricism in a way that can relate to her listening base and follow her own truth. Kacey V embraces all aspects of life and consistently attempts to bring out the best in everything she chooses to do. Kacey V's music is ultimately the product of her candid persona, combined with her lively influence, and her latest song release proves just this.

Kacey V has released her spirited summer single "Patient." The track begins with an inspirational rhythm, which instantly has our tastebuds gratified. Kacey V's vocals softly embed themselves into the pop-driven beat, and from there, listeners are taken on an adventurous journey alongside the songstress.

"Patient" guides through young love, focusing on the virtues of patience and how it can aid in the blossoming of something special. One thing Kacey V definitely doesn't fail to accomplish within "Patient" is showcasing her exquisite vocal range, as listeners truly do receive a full pop performance from this female powerhouse. Whatever Kacey V releases next, we're expecting nothing short of refreshing and stimulating.

"Patient" has very characterizable energy, ultimately feeling quite charismatic and fresh. Was this the kind of ambiance you were hoping to achieve amongst your listening base?

Yes! My goal with “Patient” was to have some 80s inspired vibes blended with synth-pop. I was so happy with how my debut single “Jealous” resonated with listeners, and “Patient” felt like the perfect next single both sonically and lyrically. I wanted it to feel bright and fresh for the end of the summer!

There's definitely a vibrancy that emulates off of you during "Patient". Is this type of persona easily adaptable for you or do you feel that it comes naturally altogether?

Thank you! That bright pop sound and aesthetic feels natural to me, and that’s how I knew that “Patient” had to be a single. As an artist, my goal is to always create art that reflects my feelings and my personality, so I hope people can listen to my music and feel like they know me (and dance with me, too!)

As an artist who typically releases inspiring and compelling pop music, how do you feel you're going to continue this streak of song releases with newer components?

I’ll always write lyrics that are honest and deeply personal, but I am also exploring other areas of pop – like Pop R&B. It’s definitely a different creative approach than “Patient” or “Jealous” were, but it still feels organic and natural for me, especially as a singer, to play around with different styles!

What's the next step for you artistically and personally? Are you planning on releasing more music within the near future or having any virtual live-shows?

I am planning on releasing more music in the near future, and it might have that Pop R&B vibe that I mentioned above.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

I’ve had the time to dive into some amazing new music. It’s inspiring for me to see artists continue to share their art during such an uncertain and difficult time in the world. Music is always what helps people unite and heal, and to think that I could play a small part in that and make people feel good with my music is what’s kept me motivated. I finished “Patient” before the pandemic hit, and I felt so excited about singing and dancing to it in the studio. I hope that people listen and feel the same.