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Kadeyjah Releases Hit Single “Close To You”

If you ever felt as if you were missing a fashionable RnB hit that weaves the lines between classic smooth vocals and urban trendy beats then you might want to tune into 22 year old, Los Angeles native, Kadeyjah’s new hit single “Close to You”. Kadeyjah has that smooth hazy vocal tone that knows how to serenade you with the perfect melody, completely adding texture and warmth to the song. “Close to You” reminds me a lot like those RnB hits from the early 00’s where the love bops were timeless and memorable. It was an era of fun in my opinion. Some of the most iconic RnB songs we know comes from that earlier time period and Kadeyjah’s “Close to You” has that ageless and classic vibe. I love how I feel like if I were to hear this song 15 years from now, I could still jam to it as I was doing in 2019. That’s an indicator to me that Kadeyjah knows how to cultivate an unchanging hit song. The song “Close to You” touches bases on the companionship between you and a significant other. It’s highly relatable because let’s face it, we all have or have had a special someone on our mind who has impacted us in a way where if we were to listen to music that discusses the corny butterfly feelings you feel, they would instantly come to mind. “Close to You” is a perfect love bop to add to your RnB playlists that draws lines from classic RnB to contemporary.

Give a listen to "Close to You" on Spotify, and scroll further for Kadeyjah's exclusive interview below!

You stated that you began recording music due to your realization that God blessed you with a gift. Would you consider yourself a spiritual and religious person? 

I would say Yes. I do believe in God and I believe in spirituality. I can say that I am more spiritual because of how I view energies, karma and blessings. I believe that everything happens for a reason and certain things are put in your life as a test.

You have a classic RnB tone to you, who are some of your music influences?

I grew up listening to oldies and that 90s R&B . Some of my favs would be Shirley Murdock, Aretha Franklin, jelly price, Jill Scott, Fantasia, Alicia Keys.. the list goes on. I was in love with the Motown vibes as well.

How would you describe your musical style?

I can’t really describe my style Because it’s unique to me. I cross between genres but I guess I can say I’m R&B . 

What’s the meaning behind “Close To You”?

Close to you, I would say is me wanting to get to know someone I’m feeling and fantasizing about them. 

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

In 5 yrs I see myself opening up shows, having a large fan base & just being well known and appreciated. I wanna be able to say that I worked hard to get to where I’ll be. So right now I’m workin to balance all that I have goin on and just develop my writing, sound, image and style. More work to be done but it’s going great so far.


Familiarize yourself with Kadeyjah through Instagram and Twitter.


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