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Kaiya Gamble's Latest Single Will Make You Say "I'm In It"

The Canadian singer-songwriter and recording artist Kaiya Gamble wears her heart on her sleeve in her compelling and passionate sophomore single entitled "I'm In It."

The Albertan recording artist delivers a soulful and charismatic voice that's truly beyond her years. The 14-year-old songstress is well on her way to becoming a sought-after act with her messages of empowerment, positivity, and hope. Having performed in front of thousands of people at over 40 high-profile events; there's no saying what Kaiya Gamble will do next.

Now releasing her passionate and uplifting sophomore single, "I'm In It," Kaiya Gamble sings a refreshing message of falling in love for the very first time. It's a breath of fresh air, to say the least; Gamble's overall youthful, energetic, and heartfelt approach truly allows her to stand apart from other young singer-songwriters navigating their way through the industry.

Listening to "I'm In It," a cinematic and soothing piano melody melts through our speakers alongside Kaiya Gamble's emotional vocal harmonies that lay it all on the line while passionately inviting someone into her life. We adore Gamble's playful and innocent lyricism, especially lyrics like "don't know what love is, but baby, I'm in it."

Accompanying Gamble's passionate and exciting performance is a groovy bass line on the hook along with a rhythmic piano melody and upbeat drum arrangements to maintain the song's groove. We adore the overall lighthearted, fun, and carefree feel of this song, especially as Gamble continues to wear her heart on her sleeve and jump into her first shot at love.

Refresh yourself with Kaiya Gamble's heartfelt single, "I'm In It," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Kaiya Gamble, and congratulations on releasing your exciting sophomore single, "I'm In It." What inspired you to track your first experiences with love through this passionate new single? Did any particular moment or experience inspire this song?

Thank you so much!! In terms of the inspiration behind “I’m In It” I think we can all relate to that initial rush of excitement and passion when you think you’re in love with someone or something! You’re not sure how it’s going to work out, but it’s just so exciting and thrilling to be in it, that you don’t really care. For me, I relate to this through my love of music! When I first started singing 5 years ago, it was a risk I took, but I knew I just had to do it. When I was tracking vocals for the song, I really channeled that feeling and even tried to replicate the butterflies I felt when I first stepped on a stage. For my co-writers, they had just found out that they were pregnant, so maybe that new love for their first baby inspired their writing. But you’d have to ask them haha!

Was it easy for you to convey emotions through lyrics during your songwriting process for "I'm In It?” Did you go through this process entirely solo?

Great question! I’d say yes and no. My co-writers on this tune are super talented - the amazing artist ‘ANNIKA’ and her husband (also one of my producers), Spencer Cheyne. They always checked in during the write, to make sure I could still sing the song and mean every word. They were so thoughtful. So, for 99% of the song, I felt I could tell the story with sincerity and had so much fun with it! There were just a couple of lines I had to wrap my head around. Like the one about gambling: “put all my chips in, think I’m winning”. Being 14 years old, I watched some poker videos online to get an idea of what the line was saying and how I could relate to it myself. But now I am 100% in it - no pun intended!

What vibe or feeling did you want the sonics and instrumentals to give off in "I'm In It?" Did you work with any producers to help reach the sound you were looking for?

With “I’m In It” we wanted to have a really fun-loving, carefree vibe that supported the story of the song. Super light and major sounding, with lots of harmonies, an organ, a sick bass line, and all these super cool programmed sounds - really makes the sentiment of the song pop! The whole song was just so much fun to make and record. Of course, I’m biased, but I am so grateful to have the best producers, Justin Kudding and Spencer Cheyne. They are always very supportive of my vision and ideas, and they are so important in making them come to life!

How does "I'm In It" help listeners get to know what your music is all about? Will you continue releasing authentic, vulnerable, and relatable tunes like this?

I think “I’m In It” can introduce fans to a more fun side of my writing, my music, and my personality! My debut single was a ballad, much slower, and very emotional, which is often my ‘go-to’. But “I’m In It” is so different from “Speak Out” and I love that about the song. To answer your other question, yes, 1000% times yes! Writing from a real authentic place is something I commit to, whenever I’m writing and is something I’m working on all the time!


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