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Kanda Pounds The Ground As He Showcases "Running Away"

18-year-old Kanda continues to connect with his audience as he takes concrete steps in his music career. The London-based artist has a knack for speaking up on myriad socially dividing topics while embracing a sound rich in uniqueness. Moving through pop, garage, and hip-hop genres, Kanda eagerly releases his latest single ahead of the Christmas season.

"Running Away" is the latest release to grace Kanda's music catalog, and it's safe to say that we're obsessed with his ability to enforce a buoyant atmosphere with the luxury of effortlessness leading the way.

Through soothing guitar riffs, an animated bassline, and the joyful grooves of up-tempo goodness from the percussion, the seamless musical foundation is formed as Kanda professes an irrefutable tenacity.

His vocalization dips between vibrantly rapped verses and a melodic swing that sways you in his chosen direction. Kanda has an inimitable energy that is impactfully heard through each word he professes as his rhyme schemes embed themselves into your mind.

As a whole, the composition of "Running Away" manages to take a theme that could be seen as somber and places a great emphasis on the optimistic outcome of what happens when you persevere through a situation and continue not to lose sight of who you are.

Delving into this outlook in such a profound way, we're awestruck by Kanda's originality that is immaculately heard in every beat of "Running Away."

His music catalog looks like it will be filling up with more sonic bliss come 2023, and we're thrilled to hear what lessons Kanda will shine a light on next.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kanda! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Running Away." After listening to this song, we could relate to it in a way that felt personal to us, but we would love to know – what does "Running Away" mean to you?

Thank you so much!!!! Running Away is a track that many can relate to due to the fact that it closes in on common stresses in everyday life that people face. I have chosen to compliment these lyrics with an upbeat instrumental in showing that stress and negativity can be transitioned into something positive.

You master such a mature sound for your age, and we mean that as a huge compliment! Where does this wisdom come from, and is it fairly easy for you to put it into the songs you create?

My wisdom definitely comes from my father's influence on me. His hard work ethic alongside his determination and willpower have led me to believe that if I want something, I need to make it happen. Over the years, songwriting has become much easier for me as I have a greater perspective of the world and know how to get past the creative block artists sometimes have

With musical influences such as Dave, J Hus, Loyal Carner, and Labrinth, how have you been able to take inspiration from their sound and blend it into a sound so unique to yourself?

It's such a cliche thing to say, but I always strive to stand out from the crowd and be 'different.' It's a major plus that I have the ability to rap, sing and storytelling simultaneously, because I like to bring all of the qualities together to create something special.

Being in London to pursue your music, where were you located previously? Have you found that your environment has contributed to your creative success as an artist?

My family live in Coventry, and while I love Coventry and have done so much in that music scene, I feel like expanding to London was just a necessity if I wanted to take music seriously. As of yet, I haven't done as much networking as I would have liked to, but in 2023 I will be at many events and music performing nights! I will say that I am so glad to have made the friends I have at university. They strive for me to become well-known and better as an artist, and they love my music which genuinely means the world to me.

We're excited to hear that you have more in store for us come 2023! So what can we expect to be on the lookout for?

I'm going to keep it sweet and simple: a lot. Expect a lot from me in 2023 because we are definitely going harder than we ever have before. New songs, more shows, and more random content for my followers and viewers to enjoy!!


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