Kaneda Comey Shows His More Mellifluous Side With New Single “Close My Eyes”

Kaneda Comey started dabbling in electronic music a few years back. Beginning his expedition with the study of studio production, Kaneda educated himself on the ins and outs of producing appreciable electronic music which prompted him into containing the capability to display a subdued side with the release of his single “Close My Eyes”. The song starts out with a synthesizer vocoder before Kaneda's vocals are released into the track in an augmented, dramatic and hauntingly beautiful sound that amalgamates your entire body and “hypnotizes” you.

The melody conveys a more emotional yet delightful sensation where you can attend to the song and exist with content of your emotions. I love the more chilled and saccharine side of electronic music being demonstrated due to the fact that electronic music nowadays is widely viewed more upbeat, chaotic, and danceable. Kaneda shows us the authentic definition of ‘different’ and ‘creative’ in a genre. He breaks the barriers down between you and the style of electronic music, conducting you into something that’s more digestible for your ears. Knowing that, I’m engrossed in witnessing what else does Kaneda Comey have to offer? The curiosity for this artist and his other work is at an all time high! Kaneda says he’s currently half-way through his album and it will be released to us in mid-2019! We’re looking forward to it!

We had the chance to chat with Kaneda Comey! Check it out below!

Do you believe your environmental setting plays a role in producing your music and why?

I’m producing my debut album in my home studio which has massive advantages, mainly being that I can spend as much time on a song as it requires and be a total control freak about it. However, the flipside to that is you can sometimes get so pedantic about a certain sound or beat, you end up playing it back to the point of tedium and start doubting it all together!

What has been your favorite part in the process of creating your album so far and why?

I’m really loving creating my own beats for the album, which I never thought I’d do. I’m completely

hopeless on a drum kit, but it turns out sequencing drums beats comes pretty natural to me.

What can we look forward to from this album?

Hopefully something slightly unexpected and thoroughly enjoyable! I tend to write songs with a

strong melodic core, so that will be a common feature. Apart from that there will be a nice mix of

chilled and rockier tracks, balanced for your listening pleasure.

“Close My Eyes” captivated us and delivered a different approach to electronic music, was this something new for you as well? Or have you made music similar to this already?

Thanks, that’s nice of you to say! It is pretty new to me. To be honest, I don’t really know where I fit

in the world of electronic music just yet. I get very confused with genres. Not that I have a problem

with them, I’m just no good with that stuff. Hopefully by the time the album’s finished I’ll have a

better idea of what it is exactly…

How would you give your artist interpretation of “Close My Eyes”?

It’s a super chilled track that’s basically about loving/wanting/missing that special someone in your

life that you can share all your f-ups with.

What’s next for Kaneda Comey? What can we expect?

I’m aiming to have all the instrumental track beds for the album ready by Feb 2019, then record the vocals in March/April and road test the tracks locally before finalizing the mix and releasing the album in mid-2019. Until then, Instagram is the only social media I post on, so follow me there to get all the updates, sneak peeks and info on the debut album!