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Kanti Chant Won’t Let Her Ex Control The Narrative On “Take That Back”

The Virginia-based songstress has no goodbyes to spare anymore.

Having possessed a rare talent and love for music from a young age, Virginia-based artist Kanti Chant exploded onto the scene and quickly found ways to stand out. Having attended concerts and been granted backstage access through her parent’s close ties with the musical world, she’s been sharpening her songwriting skills since childhood. Having last turned heads with her critically acclaimed album “Last Call,” she continues to impress with every release.

Having rocked the stages of venues in Virginia Beach and Richmond, Chant is no stranger to captivating crowds. Adding another crazy dimension to her impressive resume, she’s incorporated mesmerizing fire-spinning performances into her artistry. It seems like there’s nothing Chant can’t achieve; every artistic venture she steps into turns gold. Having even made appearances on hit shows like “Judge Judy,” there’s no limit to Chant’s artistic greatness, and we’re just happy she decided to spend some of her vision making music.

“Take That Back” is a release that shows what a fantastic artist like Chant can achieve when operating at the top of their game. Utilizing an instrumental performance that feels distinctly alternative rock with a touch of pop, Chant’s vocals ride the wave and amplify it.

Dropping lyrics like “I hope you hear this song and I / I hope you know you’re wrong and it/it makes me sick to think of it/you won’t admit that you miss me,” Chant scorns an ex-lover who has done her wrong. Add in a captivating music video that sees Chant sing her truth into the camera as she walks the subways, and you’ve got an impressive all-around release that simulates multiple senses.

Kanti Chant’s “Take That Back” is an empowering release the doctor prescribed to overcome your heartbreak. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Take That Back” now on all majour streaming platforms.

We loved "Take That Back." what an empowering release! What was the inspiration behind this release? Could you take us through your creative process for it?

Thank you so much for having me! I am happy that you all enjoyed it! Anyone who hears the song will automatically assume that it is a break-up song, and that is what I intended for it to be. The inspiration behind it was based on experiences I had in the past. The haters, bullies, cruel kids at school, and predators that didn't care about consent and dealing with all that motivated me to write the lyrics back in high school.

Songs can have different meanings and interpretations. So, for some reason, it was easier for me to send a message to whoever took advantage of me through a heartbreak song. The ex-love interest I am confronting in the music represents the toxic relationships that the mean-spirited individuals and narcissistic abusers had with me in the past.

What was your favorite part of bringing the vision for the music video to life?

My favorite part of bringing the vision to life was the support I had on set from my team! They would remind me what the song's message was about and encouraged me to express that in the best way I possibly could in the cold winter of NYC!

Who would your dream collaboration be, and why?

This is a really tough question for me because there are so many amazing bands and artists I would die to collaborate with. I have several dream collaborations in mind, and choosing only one is extremely difficult, but I will go with WILLOW. I like her style; I love what she is doing with her sound. Her stage presence and guitar playing are all so mesmerizing! Plus, I sang a couple of her songs during sound check at one of my shows, and the crowd loved it, so why not a WILLOW and Kanti Chant collab?

What do you want your listeners to feel when they hear your music?

I need listeners to feel they are seen, heard, and not alone. Luckily, people tell me that my music affects them, resonates with them, or even gets them through a hard time. That is all I could ask for; it's my primary purpose for doing what I do... If it means I am helping people, I am all about it!

What's next for Kanti Chant? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Next for Kanti Chant, we have some new releases in the making, some collaborations with other artists, and some live shows coming up! You can expect to experience my music and art on a new level soon! I believe I am constantly evolving, growing, and improving my craft. It is all fascinating!

The thing I am most excited to share that I am looking forward to are the new songs I have created, where I produced the instrumentals all by myself! I've always wanted to be my producer, and I'm proud of myself for finally learning to do it and finding what works for me. I cannot wait to share it with my fans, and I would like them to know that the feeling is mutual. I am entirely fangirling right back at them because they are the best!

My fans showing interest in all my hard work is everything to me! Not only is it important to me because it brings me validation, all while making me feel such a great sense of connection... but also because it does that same thing for my fans! It causes them to feel valid and connected, too! It is an equal exchange of energy where we can lift each other, which is pretty cool.

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