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Karen Inder's Voice Will Blow You Away In Her New Single "Vertigo"

Karen Inder isn't new to the music scene. She has a lot of experience under her belt and many successes too! Born and raised in Mexico and currently residing in Miami, Karen showcases her two cultural influences evenly throughout her music (Spanish and English). Karen’s music mainly falls under the pop-electro genre, with different moods and emotions that vary from song to song. However this wasn’t always her style. In 2004 she formed a rock/alternative pop band named “Satin Dolls” that got picked up and signed by Universal Music. Satin Dolls had great success, touring Mexico and the USA, and even scoring a spot in the movie “Debajo la Sal’s” soundtrack!

In August 2018, Karen released her first solo album “8”. With the help of Dale Play and Daramola, the album provides many diverse emotions, sounds, influences, and textures.

Karen's single “Vertigo” showcases her vulnerability regarding love and relationships. “Can I trust you, can I love you, am I the only one that’s running through your mind?...You keep your promises, I'll keep you by my side. My feelings are all tangled up, I cannot hide”. Karen sings this with passion, honesty, and emotion. You immediately become intertwined within the lyrics and the beat. It’s easy to get lost in her enchanting voice and rhythm, which is why Karen has been so wildly successful in her career. If you're looking for a track to add to your feel-good playlist, this one is it! Bravo Karen.

Listen to "Vertigo" here and get to know more about Karen in our interview below!

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your past in music?

I started doing music in Mexico City as the lead singer of a rock-pop band called Satin Dolls. The group comprised of 4 guys and myself. We were signed to Universal Music, released 2 albums under the label and toured all over Mexico. A couple of notable shows we had were SXSW and Vive Latino. It was a fun time working with the group. A couple of years later, I decided to pursue music as a solo artist. I lived in LA for a couple of years and eventually moved to Miami where currently live and make music. I release my debut solo album last year. It was a crazy process and a very different one from working with a band. I am really proud of the album. It's a pop, moody, alternative album and you can hear my influences and who I am through it.

Can you tell us what your writing process was for Vertigo? What inspired you to create this song?

After a lot of years of traveling and being single, I was falling in love, and it was quite scary for me. I was at the point of figuring out who he was and trying to see if I could trust him, I had a lot of fears, but at the same time it felt right and I knew I had to go for it... I felt I was falling into an abyss, but with a harness haha! Now we are married! and it's the best choice I have made, side note: he is also the producer of 6 songs of my album. The message is that I empathize, EVERYONE feels fear, but we have to go towards what we fear the most because that is where we grow. We can't let fear paralyze us. My biggest fear was marriage and trusting someone, and it has been the biggest blessing in my life. Now I get to make music with my husband who is super talented and our careers have only gotten better since we started working together. Shameless plug: his name is Daramola if you want to go check out his music.

Does your upbringing in Mexico impact the music that you make living in Miami? What can we expect next from you Karen?

I actually grew up in Austin, Miami, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Argentina... a lot of places. While I was growing up my dad listened to a lot of progressive and classic rock, my mom listened to opera and classical music while my older sister listened to a lot of 90's grunge. All of that influenced my sound plus I've always have been an avid music listener. I am more attracted to moods than to music genres... so that's always something that I want to impress in my music. 

You can expect more music from me. I am currently working on an EP. I want to do a continuation of what I did on my album but more stripped down, more minimal. Will probably drop a single or two before the end of this year.


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