Karim Alkhayat Drops Techno Hit "Shadow"

Karim Alkhayat recently released “Shadow”, a techno hit that takes you into a space-like realm and snatches you back to reality when it finishes! The multi-dimensional single does exactly what the title says and takes you on a musical voyage you won’t ever forget. Listening to this song you’re mentally including yourself in a setting of your choice.

An atmospheric single that has different elements and musical components, Karim Alkhayat conducted a monophonic and consistently addicting hit that leaves you wanting more after it finishes. The infused techno sound that Karim incorporates into this amusing tune will indeed have you hooked. Karim originally started out as an architect who got lost in music and turned into a guitar player/music producer/DJ. His eye for design can probably take credit for his ear for musical art. What’s neat about Karim Alkhayat is this rock background. He started playing Guitar in 2006 and formed many rock bands. You can tell he embraced elements of rock into this techno piece to deliver a much well-rounded and diverse song.

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