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Kasie O Tells Us How She Got Through A Rough Breakup With, “Over You”

Kasie O puts us into a different frame of mind as she has us dancing and relating to her simultaneously in her new hit single, "Over you."

Kasi, currently based in Boston, is a relatable singer and songwriter that combines elements like Afro-Pop and R&B to create a polished yet catchy track full of passion and emotion with just as much confidence. Kasie grew up very cultured as she grew up in an Igbo household, heavily influenced by her Nigerian culture while growing up in the United States. As a result, Kasie's songwriting started very young and grew up furthering her career and love for singing in school and church.

Kasie appears to be exhibiting her feelings widely on "Over you," as her voice molds into the instrumental like a fast and furious island mix of drums and flourishing keys. She talks about things she got tired of when she was in the relationship, like "Sick of your lying" and "Sick of your fighting." Kasie is proving to us that no matter what, we can and will get through tough times in a breakup and that we do indeed deserve better.

As we continue with "Over you," Kasie tells us how much time she wasted on someone who wasn't worth it and how she cannot lose herself loving someone who doesn't see the value in her. Her catchy, melodious vocals pull us up and into a safe space to vent and dance simultaneously, just as most choose to. We seem to relate to most parts for many reasons, like when she says, "I don't want to compete for you," and "Im just fed up with loving you," whether we went through it or are going through it right now.

Kasie O takes us on a cloud as she exits with the most addicting vocals and says, "Im not waiting for you no more," in the most casual yet confident way, and that makes her a true queen, her heart.

Let's dance our heartbreak away with Kasie O's new breathtaking single, "Over you," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kasie O. We appreciated every second of your reflective and emotional single "Over you." What was your main inspiration behind this personal piece?

My inspiration behind this single was actually from a past relationship of mine; when I write my songs, I tend to put all my feelings and everything in my music.

Kasie, could you expand more on your songwriting process for "Over you." Do you face any difficult moments when writing about emotional experiences? I for sure do because sometimes it takes me days or even weeks to finish a song because it’s coming from such an emotional experience in my life. Sometimes I have to take some time to finish.

Did you create "Over you" in hopes that your listeners could find something to relate with? What did you want your audience to experience?

I wrote this song because I know we as people have been in situations like this before and wanted listeners to know that we have all been there before. How can your listeners relate to you more personally with "Over you?" How does this record represent you? Well, I would say just listen to the lyrics. The music speaks for itself Im someone who loves to be loved, but when it’s time to let things go, you just have to let them go, don’t keep wasting your time. Be Strong, and take charge.


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