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Kat Holland is Making Us Feel Evocative With "Wanting More"

North Carolina-based Pop/Soul artist Kat Holland is breaking through her 2020 with a new track! As an artist who doesn't adhere to the average sound, Kat is trying to create a new and refreshing feel with her music. Her new track, "Wanting More" accomplishes this nicely. "Wanting More" is the type of track that can easily showcase the best abilities of Kat Holland, but not in the immediate way you would think. The song features more of a balletic environment, giving peace to listeners. Nevertheless, that comes directly in the form of the production, as the actual meaning behind the song will potentially have you reflect on past experiences.

Kat Holland is bringing a softer and graceful touch to her track "Wanting More". The track follows along with the desires of Kat Holland, and ultimately her most intimate feelings. She takes us along a journey that is incredibly personalized and relatable to many of those who have gone through various different forms of heartbreak. Talking more technically, her lyrics bring about a sense of yearning. But her chosen melody doesn't bring about a melancholic vibe (the opposite actually). She methodically chooses the rhythm to have an inspiring feel, present in various incorporated synths. Her songwriting feels magical, and we easily feel a calming presence when listening to her music. If you're in need of a relaxing sensation tied to a vibrant story, Kat Holland's "Wanting More" is the track to be added to your playlist!

Listen to Kat Holland's "Wanting More" here.



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