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Kathryn Cloward’s new single “Magic Between Me and You” fills listeners with positivity

As an established multi-genre singer-songwriter, Kathryn Cloward has been able to share her transformation journey through life through the lens of her various singles and albums.

Releasing over 4 full-length albums and 3 Kathryn the Grape® albums to date, Cloward creates music for all ages that positively engage individuals as her tracks have relatable lyrics and emotions.

In her new single, "Magic Between Me and You," Cloward brings forth a fresh perspective to lyrical storytelling where she examines how the spark of a moment can bring forth magical things. Filled with positivity and energy, each strumming guitar instrumental builds throughout the song to create a fun-filled single that radiates with joy.

Cloward has a light vocal tone that will engage listeners to the magic within her voice and the magic within their own lives through lyrical storytelling and captivating and fulfilling musical arrangements.

While also being a children's book writer, Kathryn Cloward provides children with positive self-help tools through a positive means, and her music transfers directly into this path as well.

"Magic Between Me and You," is a great showing of Cloward’s introspect and inner passion for music and songwriting; and a strong start to 2021 for this amazing artist!

Your new single, "Magic Between Me and You" is filled with feelings of positivity. Can you walk us through what the process was like while writing and producing this piece?

I wrote “Magic Between Me and You” in January 2020. Since most of my songs start with a feeling and then lyrics and melody just come to me, I felt inspired to write this song because of a magical moment I experienced with someone who ignited my curiosity and creativity. I felt very drawn to their magnetism and just had to connect with them. I think many people have experiences like this — where an encounter with another person, even for the briefest moment, can spark excitement and passion. This song is fun and flirty, and I like that. I worked with my friend Daniel Fritz on producing the song during COVID, mostly from home studios. I recorded my vocals at Jason Mraz’s home studio with producer/engineer Jeff Berkley, who has produced four of my albums. I like working with Jeff and since Jason’s The Om Studio has separate rooms, it was safe to record there during the pandemic. The male backing vocalist on the song is Leonard Patton, an incredibly talented artist I have worked with quite a bit. Leonard recorded his vocals from home, too.

How do you feel you have grown and adapted as an artist over your various album releases and experiences?

This entire journey has been about growing, exploring, and becoming. The songs on my first four Kathryn Cloward albums were written all within the period from 2013 to 2016. I was just pumping out songs like crazy as I was deep in my healing process — working through some heartache and shedding old, imprinted patterns that no longer served me. While I wrote some songs between 2017 and 2020, I just didn’t love them enough to energize them. I knew I wanted my sound to evolve and I really got solid with a refreshed direction on my music at that time. The Kathryn Cloward music I am releasing now is all-new from 2020 on and reflects a more whole Kathryn. I am stronger personally and I am aligned with understanding my passionate energy, and my new songs reflect that evolution. I will be releasing my fifth Kathryn Cloward album soon, with my first two singles of “She Roared” and “Magic Between Me and You” debuting my fresh vibrancy. There’s less heartache on my new songs and more whole-woman discovery. It’s been an empowering journey for me.

All of your singles bring a fresh perspective to storytelling through your passionate lyrics and soulful lyrics, how would you describe your personal sound, and did you have any influences who helped to shape this?

I guess I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, with some pop sparkle. As a blanket statement about life, I don’t like to be boxed into one thing. I am not linear. I am full spectrum and full passion. My feelings are not linear. I feel everything and I think that’s what my songs bring forth. I articulate into my songs the emotions I have experienced. Sometimes, I want to rock out in full tilt empowerment and I resonate with my 1980s sheroes — The GoGo’s, Pat Benatar, and Heart. Other times, I am more introspectively charged and my country storytelling songwriting comes through, inspired by the influences of some of my songwriting sheroes — Gretchen Peters and Mary Chapin Carpenter. I think my music depicts the journey many women go through in life as we maintain many roles and responsibilities with regard to other people, while also growing through the question of, “Who am I now?” My music is the transparent and authentic journey of me constantly asking and answering that question for myself.

It is super interesting that you have released books as well as your music, how do you think these two media fit together and what do you like specifically about each individually?

I believe wholeheartedly that storytelling is the way we understand each other and ourselves. It’s the root of everything. I am a writer, a storyteller. Words matter to me. I am guided by the purpose to create and write for my own understanding and then I share to provide for others. Writing my Kathryn the Grape youth series of books and music is fulfilling for me. It was in creating the illustrated me that I finally had the courage to brave the music industry with my Kathryn Cloward music. I can’t wait to get up every morning because I know each day I get to create and there’s nothing more exhilarating than manifesting an idea into reality.

What's next for you?

I have a lot going on. Three major projects I have been working on for the past two years, that all got paused during COVID on some level, are releasing in the next few months. I just released my brand new Kathryn the Grape “All Together” 10-song album for youth and families. An album I produced and wrote with teenager Michelle Hopkins is releasing in March. Michelle has a rare incurable disease and her new album helps raise awareness for the rare disease community. Also, I am gearing up to enjoy the release of a book I wrote for Father Joe Carroll, a humble hero for San Diego who developed housing to help people experiencing homelessness that is now called Father Joe’s Villages. It’s important to note it was through the Father Joe book project that I met Daniel Fritz, who has helped me produce all my new Kathryn the Grape and Kathryn Cloward music. I just keep getting guided to the most magical people and the most magical experiences, and I trust new songs and books will keep coming through, like my newest single, “Magic Between Me and You.”



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