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Katie Dauson Had Her Heart “Torched”

From Toronto, Ontario, artist Katie Dauson shows her incredible storytelling and songwriting skills in her new single “Torched.”

Katie Dauson is a musician and songwriter who dreamed of making music since she was an infant, but it wasn’t until recently that she decided to take the dream and make it real on the stage. After developing her skills as a splendid copywriter, Katie Dauson is now bringing together her passion for writing and creativity to turn words into music.

“Torched” is a Country song where Katie Dauson reflects the hurtful feeling of unrequited love as the beloved one already had their heart occupied. You would listen to this song on a rainy day, grabbing your chest and trying to keep your heart in its place, but it still hurts as if it was “Torched.”

Energizing drums, a blissful bass, and an upbeat guitar welcome you from the moment you hit the play button. The melody of the distorted lead guitar is touching and nostalgic, pairing perfectly with a crying harmonica. The instrumentals sound so organic you can open your heart easily to the music.

Katie Dauson sure knows how to tell a story, and she does a fantastic job putting them into music and giving her voice to it. “Torched” is a great example of it. She knows how to make her listeners picture the pain of that failed romance through words and music, transmitting real feelings.

Open up your window and ears and look at the landscape while immersing in the heartbreaking story of “Torched.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Katie Dauson, and congratulations on your latest release, "Torched." What was the experience that inspired you to write "Torched"?

There wasn't any single experience that inspired me to write this song. Throughout the course of my life so far, I've had to face a lot of adversity, both personally and professionally. Life can be very complicated and intricate, but the story of healing is universal. A story about someone who went through a difficult relationship and could get back on their feet and talk to a lot of people, even if what they've experienced isn't necessarily about that.

How do you expect "Torched" to impact your listeners?

I want them to know that there is always hope, even when feeling down and out. They have the strength to pick themselves up in almost any circumstance and keep moving forward. In the end, I hope they have a smile on their faces and feel optimistic about the present and the future. The message of the song is not to give up on yourself.

How does your passion for writing influence your music?

I know most songwriters and musicians do this the other way around, but I always write the words first and add the music after. My passion for writing helps me to come up with a story to tell, which is what good songs tend to be. Words can be very powerful and adding music to them only makes those words more impactful.

What feeling would best describe your creative process?

Joy. I have a lot of fun writing songs; I hope people can feel it when they listen to my music. Another feeling would be catharsis. Sometimes, I feel much better after I write something down on paper. Especially if what I'm trying to convey in the song does come across in what I wrote and how I wrote it.

What's next for you?

My next recording will be a blues song. After that, my first big project was my first studio album. It's going to be a folk album, a traditional roots kind of style. I think that will be a lot of fun and very different from what I've released. I've written most of the songs, but none have been recorded yet.


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