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Katie Dauson Is Looking 'Past the Sea' In New Album Release

Katie Dauson is a rising singer-songwriter who has recently released her debut album, 'Past the Sea.' With a background in creative advertising and video game programming, Katie has found her true calling in music. She has always been drawn to music and learned to play the guitar later in life. However, it wasn't until she mustered the courage to perform in front of an audience and write the music that she realized she had found her passion. Her debut album showcases her unique sound, storytelling ability, and captivating voice.

'Past the Sea' opens with "Symbols In Stone," an introspective track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song features Katie's smooth vocals and her skillful guitar playing. The lyrics are poetic, exploring the concept of time and the lasting impact of our actions. The track's instrumentation is simple but effective, with an acoustic guitar providing the main melody and gentle percussion, creating a relaxed groove.

"You Can Talk To Me" is bouncy and showcases Katie's playful range and ability to write a quirky hook. The song is about the importance of communication with the self and others. The instrumentation on this track is more complex than the previous one, with a Wild West-style beat providing a lush backdrop for Katie's vocals. The piano is also a main player on this one the song is particularly layered to the emotional impact of the track.

"Past The Sea" is a hauntingly unique song that showcases Katie's ability to create a captivating atmosphere with her music. The song is a slow ballad that tells the story of lost love and the longing for what could have been. The instrumentation is sparse, with a simple guitar melody and atmospheric synths creating a dreamy soundscape. Katie's vocals are particularly impressive on this track, her voice soaring over the sparse instrumentation.

Moving on to "The Ballad Of The Blue Unicorn," this whimsical track that showcases Katie's storytelling ability. The song tells the story of a mythical land and the adventure to make it there. The instrumentation on this track is playful, with a mix of acoustic rhythms providing the main melody. The song's chorus is unique and will have listeners humming along in no time.

"The Raccoon Shuffle" is a fun, upbeat track that showcases Katie's versatility as a musician. The song is an instrumental that features Katie's guitar playing and a funky bassline. The track's upbeat tempo and catchy melody make it a standout on the album that will get you slapping your knees while doing the raccoon shuffle.

"Red Eyed Moon" is a shiny sun track that showcases Katie's ability to create a warm vibe with her music. The song is a mellow tune that tells the story of nature and how everything within functions. The instrumentation is happy and keeps you on your toes, with a simple guitar melody and atmospheric violins creating a haunting soundscape. Katie's vocals are particularly impressive on this track, with her voice conveying the emotional weight of the lyrics.

"As Time Goes By" is a melancholic track that explores the turning of the world and everything that comes with the passing of time and the inevitability of change. The song features Katie's smooth vocals and her skillful guitar playing. The instrumentation is bouncy and full of energy, with an acoustic guitar providing the main melody and gentle percussion, creating a rich pool of textures that Katie plays with freely.

"The Land Of The Setting Sun" is a beautiful track that showcases Katie's poetic lyricism. The song is a slow ballad that tells the story of a journey to a far-off land. The instrumentation is simple, with a gentle guitar melody and atmospheric synths creating a dreamy soundscape. Katie's vocals are particularly impressive on this track, with her voice conveying the wonder and awe of the journey.

"The Green Dragon Motel" is a fun, upbeat track that tells the story of a wild night at a motel. The song features Katie's playful vocals and her skillful guitar playing. The song is lively, mixing acoustic, drums, and bass, creating a lively and upbeat atmosphere. The catchy chorus will surely get stuck in your head, and the energetic instrumental section towards the song's end will have you tapping your feet and bobbing your head along to the beat.

Closing out the album is "Paper Crane," a beautiful and introspective ballad that showcases Katie's emotional depth and vulnerability. The song is stripped down to Katie's vocals and acoustic guitar, allowing her lyrics to shine through. The happy melody and poignant lyrics create a bittersweet atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Katie Dauson's debut album is a strong offering showcasing her talents as a musician and a storyteller. Her emotive vocals, skillful guitar playing, and poetic lyricism combine to create a cohesive and engaging album that will leave listeners wanting more. Each song on the album offers something unique, from the playful "The Raccoon Shuffle" to the interesting "Red Eyed Moon" to the introspective "Paper Crane." With this album, Katie Dauson has established herself as an artist to watch in the years to come, and we can't wait to see where her music takes her next.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Katie Dauson. Thank you for letting your thoughts free on 'Past The Sea.' The title of your album suggests a journey or passage. Can you talk about what inspired the album's title and how it relates to the themes and messages explored throughout the songs?

Thank you. What inspired the album title was my personal journey in life, from a mental health perspective, and my own experiences. I wanted to explore these themes in real life and with whimsical fantasy. I originally intended for Past The Sea, the album's title track, to be single. However, I realized I had several songs in the same genre exploring similar themes and felt it would work better as the crux of a contemporary folk album. Once I finished writing the songs, they fit perfectly, as I had just completed a jigsaw puzzle.

Many songs on "Past The Sea' touch on change, growth, and self-discovery themes. Was there a particular experience or period of your life that inspired these themes, and how did you explore them in your songwriting?

The seventh song on 'Past The Sea,' called "As Time Goes By," is about my experiences that inspired most of this album. In that song, I detailed my trials and tribulations of trying desperately to find myself. Songwriting, for me, is a funny thing: I only write when I'm inspired. It won't turn out well if I try to force the subject. So, an idea has to hit me, and then it flows from there. I didn't necessarily write this album in one single chunk; I had written other songs in between that had nothing to do with 'Past The Sea.' It's really what inspires me in the moment. I did not map out this album, the songs just came to me, and I would add a song to it if I felt it would fit.

'Past the Sea' features various instruments and sounds, from acoustic guitars to drums and bass. Can you talk a bit about your approach to instrumentation and production on the album and how you worked with your collaborators to bring your vision to life?

When I wrote a song on guitar, that instrument would be on that track. The same goes for the mandolin. I wrote two songs on the mandolin and played the rhythm section on the mandolin on those two songs, "Red Eyed Moon" and "Paper Crane." I worked closely with my engineer/producer to figure out what other instruments would fit each song and the style. I did a lot of research on older yet contemporary folk music to inform and inspire the musical styles. If I felt like an instrument would fit the style of the song, then I wanted it on the track, including a rainstick on the song "The Green Dragon Motel."

Now that 'Past the Sea' is out, what are your hopes and goals for the album? Are there particular songs or themes that you hope will resonate with listeners or particular venues or festivals that you're hoping to play in support of the album?

I'm not planning a tour because I'm spending so much time in the studio unless there is a significant demand. My hope for the album is that it inspires listeners to be better. The world has a lot of darkness, and I want to shine some light on it.

'Past the Sea' is a fantastic debut album, and we're excited to hear more from you. Do you have any plans for new music or upcoming projects that you can share with us?

I'm so glad that you've enjoyed 'Past The Sea.' I'm working in the studio on a really fun and exciting Rock N' Roll album called Full Nelson. I'm hoping to have that released in May. It's got twelve songs on it. Initially, I started with eight, and it just grew from there. It shows another side and style of my writing and music. As a teaser, let's just say Rock N' Roll is coming back. Before Full Nelson releases, I have a surf rock single called "Road Trip" coming out May 5. I performed this song during a showcase event back in February, and it brought down the house. It's a fun summer song. Beyond May, I'm hoping to release more singles.


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