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Katja Lavinia Gives Us Power With "Ripple Effect"

Katja was born in Romania and spent her early years in an orphanage until she

was adopted at three years old and was brought to the United States. Her adoptive mother used music as a way to soothe her as she was of course apprehensive to her new surroundings. Due to her mother using music as a means for communication, it became a safe outlet for Katja. Eventually, Katja would make the move from San Francisco to Los Angeles releasing her EP title, “Then and Now” in February of 2019. Currently, she is touring Los Angeles and is looking forward to be featured at “Hotel Cafe in May.

A techno pop kind of instrumental starts the song, “Ripple Effect," with some percussion

eventually added in. The pre-chorus is lovely with a layered effect of vocals giving it a cool futuristic vibe--somewhat reminiscent of La Roux. Katja’s vocals are sharp and strong, which is complemented by the sharp beats. In this song, it seems that Katja is battling with her wants and needs and how she will be able to get them. Her lyrics are beautiful and elegant while contrasting with the almost dance pop vibe that she has. By the end of the song, her lovely vocalizations are a mix of soft and powerful. Katja Lavinia will no doubt captivate you with her entirety as a musician and singer.

Be sure to add some of Katja's powerful vocals to your Spotify playlist with "Ripple Effect," and scroll down for the artist's exclusive interview!

Hi Katja, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello Buzz Music fans! My name is Katja Lavinia and I am a rising singer/songwriter here in LA excited to share my songs with you!

How would you describe your music to a new listener? 

I would say my music is deep, raw, emotional and intro-perspective. My aim is to offer empowerment, thoughtfulness, healing and enlightenment with those who are open for it and crave music that tells a story. 

Who is your number one musical inspiration/influence? 

Melissa Etheridge.

Will you ever/would you like to tour the Bay area? 

YES! After I was adopted from Romania, I lived in Switzerland for a year and then moved to Palo Alto when I was 6 and I grew up in Palo Alto, worked in Oakland and in San Francisco until I moved to in 2017. I played at Hotel Utah a few times and loved it! 

When did you realize that music was something you wanted pursue as your life career? 

It's always been in the back of my mind, while living in the Bay Area and many people would tell me to make it my career but I didn't feel ready. But almost 2 years ago now, doors opened and something inside me changed. Courage grew into strength and I took a leap of faith, moved to LA and have decided to commit myself into this Music career 100%. It's been an amazing ride ever sense and I am so glad I made this decision! I wrote this little mantra while made this life changing move from The Bay to LA. "Be what you want to be, do what you want to do, live the life you love and love the life you choose"

What do you hope listeners will gain from listening to your music? 

I hope listeners will feel powerful, normalized, held and seen, inspired, encouraged and connected.



Catch the latest with Katja through her website and socials:


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