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Kayciii Gives Us the "Green Light," to Groove

Aware that the stage was her calling since the age of four, after enrolling in the Sammy Dryer School of Theater, Kayciii found herself surrounded by opportunities to expand her craft. Having worked with acts like Trey Songz and The Game while recently signing with entourage management, Kayciii's career has hit the ground running.

Regarding her latest single, "Green Light" (produced by billboard charting producer LT Moe), Kayciii offers us nothing but a soulful, nostalgic, and energetic groove through LT Moe's brilliant R&B/Hip-Hop production and Kayciii's 90s flair. While fueling the track with uplifting and encouraging lyricism to get us up and dance, Kayciii keeps us fully engaged with help from her gripping performance.

Expanding on Kayciii's energetic single "Green Light," the track opens with warm R&B keys and a bright brass section accompanied by short electric guitar bursts and an organic drum beat that sends us into the prime of Funk. As Kayciii begins adding a serene and divine feminine energy to the track through her sultry approach and uplifting lyricism, we're deeply immersed in the song's atmosphere within seconds.

We must also mention the depth within LT Moe's textured and lively production, as we're met with energetic key changes, tight instrumentation, and a heightened sense of soul that gets our back off the wall. We love the production's silky-smooth transitions that are perfectly contrasted by the playfulness of Kayciii's vocals.

Kayciii and LT Moe have us jumping to our feet with the release of their funk-soaked single, "Green Light," and we're more than ready to hear what Kayciii's future has in store as she continues to power through the industry with flavorful tunes like this.

Hello Kayciii and welcome to BuzzMusic. What inspired you to create such an energetic and funky song like "Green Light?"

The crazy thing about “Green Light”, I had no idea what to do with the track when I first received it from LT Moe lol. I knew I wanted it though and eventually, something would come. I put it off for a while and one day revisited the track and the first line was “Move” From there “Green Light” was created.

How did you want your audience to feel and react when listening and experiencing your single "Green Light?"

I wanted the audience to feel as happy and energetic as I did while creating the song. It’s such a feel-good song!

Could you tell us about your creative process for "Green Light" when working with producer LT Moe? How did he help execute the vision you had in mind for the song?

When I first finished the song, He liked it but wanted me to make it more “Colorful” which a lot of music people will understand when reading this, lol. So I went back in with my vocal producer (Davis Chris) and added more backgrounds and memorable ad-libs (get ya back up off the wall, RIP MJ), etc. My vision for this song was to basically just make it a song to remember. High energy and just an overall feel-good song.

Should we expect more nostalgic and groovy tunes like "Green Light" in the future? Do you often release music that triggers nostalgia?

You can definitely expect more nostalgic and groovy tunes! Nothing like feeling good right?!

What is the main message you'd like listeners to take from your music? How did you want your audience to feel and react when listening and experiencing your single "Green Light?"

I want my listeners to understand that this is not a gimmick for me. I take my craft seriously. I want to make music that represents me you know. Music that will last the test of time!




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