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Keegan Chambers is "Not Waiting," For Anyone

Form Toronto, Canada, the Alternative-Rock Artist and Singer/Songwriter Keegan Chambers give us her all with a powerful hit single, "Not Waiting."

Participating in choirs as a child and teenager helped Keegan Chambers define the path for her musical future. After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University, Chambers found herself more inspired than ever, filling her notebooks with lyrics and gearing up to release original pieces in the future.

Recently releasing her powerhouse single, "Not Waiting," Keegan Chambers pushes her electrifying vocals over the scorching instrumentals, offering a blend of symphonic Rock and haunting Pop.

While Keegan Chambers sings of finding her power and independence to pick herself up and leave what's not serving her anymore, she pushes themes of strength and confidence for listeners to take away.

Taking a listen to Keegan Chambers' single "Not Waiting," we're met with a hi-fi blend of electronic synths and sweltering Rock instrumentals. We feel all the power and rage within this single merely through the exciting sonics, with help from driving electric guitar bursts, punchy drum patterns, and a haunting string section.

Touching on Keegan Chambers' gripping performance, she soaks this song with her magnetic attitude that keeps our attention locked in on the vigor of her words. Singing with the utmost resilience, poise, and strength, we're wildly impressed with the power that Keegan Chambers has delivered on this single, as she slaps the competition away with her sharp lyricism and charismatic approach.

Keegan Chambers has us head over heels with the release of her groundbreaking single "Not Waiting," as she further inspires her audience to follow their signs and recognize their independence before it's too late.

We truly admire the independence and confidence you've delivered on your single "Not Waiting." Could you take us back to the moment where you realized you needed to create a song for your situation?

This song pretty well wrote itself. It poured out of me like a cold shot of Jäger as I mustered up the courage to lay my heart on the line; I had to get some answers, once and for all. No more waiting, no more wondering. Face to face I chickened out... but back home at my local bar, liquid courage coursing through my veins, I made the call and blurted out: “I need you to tell me you’re not in love with me so I can move on with my life.” He let me down easy like a fried egg on Sunday morning... it was for the best. We've heard that "Not Waiting" originally started as a ballad. How did Daniel Tsourounis inspire you to make this shift and create more of a striking rock anthem?

We were rehearsing for an upcoming show and Daniel just went rogue! We had probably practiced it 2-3 times by this point and I guess he was a little tired of it? haha I don’t know but I just remember telling him to keep going like that and I started playing around with the melody and bit and then the rest of the band joined in. I was like, “yep, that’s how the song goes now!” When settling on the blistering sonic approach within your single "Not Waiting," what did your creative process look like from there? How did you reach the sonic atmosphere you were aiming for?

Once we had the bare bones of the track, we sent it to Asher Lenz to lay some strings on it and he sent back a ton of options for us to chose from. I have to admit it I was a bit startled when I first heard all of the layers thickening up the production, especially since it lived so long in my head as an acoustic ballad. But once all the elements found their home in Daniel’s mix, I could finally hear what Asher and Daniel heard all along and what you hear in the mix today. What should we expect from your forthcoming EP? Will "Not Waiting" be featured on the project?

I think we’re gonna let Not Waiting live as a single. The EP is a lot more rock n’ roll with some hints of my country roots and a little bit of blues. You can expect a few feminist anthems and a couple of new renditions of songs off of my last EP. What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

MUSIC! Haha. I haven’t been able to do any acting (my second love) so songwriting and music video planning has been top of mind. Before the EP comes out, I’ll be releasing a cover and accompanying music video that we shot at home. In fact, as I sit here writing this, Daniel is at his computer editing it! It’s fun and sexy and colorful and I can’t wait to share it.

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