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Keep an Eye Out for l.i.lll.i's Forthcoming Single, "E.N.E.M.Y"

The up-and-coming recording artist, singer-songwriter, and producer l.i.lll.i strives to empower the listener and remind them to steer away from negativity with her forthcoming single, "E.N.E.M.Y."

Constantly feeling a sense of magic when connecting with a fellow creative, l.i.lll.i aim to maintain that same magic within her own life through the art of songwriting, production, and performing. During COVID-19 lockdowns, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy student moved out to her farm in East-Central Portugal to take an online course, leading her to reflect and look inwards, all of which triggered immense personal growth and a decision to move to New York in September.

After humming a sweet melody in the shower, l.i.lll.i knew it had to be a part of something bigger, leading us to her forthcoming release, "E.N.E.M.Y." The single is also the title track of her upcoming 6-track album, 'Universal Visions.'

The song is said to dissect the instant perceptions we place onto other people that aren't entirely accurate. l.i.lll.i encourages us to look inward and recognize that our heroes might just be masked as our worst enemy, emphasizing the importance of keeping our wits about us. That said, l.i.lll.i also encourage us to flee from those who don't nourish our soul, instead, suck the life and love out of us.

Dance your enemies away with help from l.i.lll.i's forthcoming single, "E.N.E.M.Y," soon to be released on all digital streaming platforms.


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