Keep Faith With Eve DeVault's Latest Hit, 'Promise of the Gospel'

Southern Californian singer/songwriter and producer Eve DeVault releases an empowering and faithful title track to her latest EP, 'Promise of the Gospel.' A mere three years ago, Eve DeVault decided to convert to Christianity and allow Jesus to guide her musical ventures. Passionate about being on stage and engaging an audience, Eve DeVault invites anyone with an open mind to take a listen to her sweet sound.

Her recent hit "Promise of the Gospel" brings this modern inspirational sound through heavy electronic synths, crisp drum patterns, and Eve DeVault's heavenly vocals pouring down from above. She brings a warmth that invites us into her faith and the beauty of worship to the powers above.

Eve DeVault opens "Promise of the Gospel" with the most sincere and poetic lyricism about keeping faith and holding on to what the gospel promises us. Leading up to the hook, the production is incredibly serene, while a bright beat drops at the chorus with a variety of synths and mid-tempo yet quickly-paced drum patterns. DeVault continues to sing with her entire heart and exclaims her faith towards Our Father, and naturally inspires any listener to keep some sort of faith, whether religious or not.

Eve DeVault powerfully sings of her grateful freedom within "Promise of the Gospel." Without missing a beat, she easily captivates listeners through her soothing atmosphere and empowering lyrics.

Why did you want "Promise of the Gospel" to lead the way of your entire EP? Why do you feel that it was the perfect intro/title track?

Originally, the entire EP was going to be led by “When I Wake.” That song had meant so much to me than any other song leading the way would not be the same. But, as I finished Promise of the Gospel, I realized that this song was ultimately the anthem I wanted to represent my first release as a worship artist. Promise of the Gospel is inspired by the devastation that occurs in the persecuted church all over the world. As an American, the Bible is not illegal, my relationship with God does not throw me into prison, and certainly, I am not threatened to be killed. But, that unfortunately is not the case for many of our brothers and sisters who live outside of the US and are forbidden to worship God, and surprisingly not many of us are aware of that. This song is all about God’s freedom and what that really means. It’s an anthem for those who receive earthly consequences for loving God, to keep their eyes fixed upon the freedom that eternity brings. The lyric “we are home” really does change everything for the Christian. This Earth is our temporary shelter, the pleasures are fleeting, and the pain is relentless. But Eternity is where we are meant to be, where all things are Good. Face to face with our Father! 

What was your songwriting process like with "Promise of the Gospel," how did you channel such powerful lyrics about keeping the faith?

Songwriting is already so tough, to begin with, and then adding on that pressure of “this is about HIM, not me” made the process super hard but so refining and I praise God for that. Everything you hear on this EP comes from God’s precious Word. Every song has a verse it was inspired by and the rest of the lyrics are my heart of worship in response to that! I love that people view these lyrics as powerful because they are! They declare the truth about who God is and His character and that really is a beautiful task to be given as a musician. The hardest part about writing worship music is being humbled every single time you start to write. We are prideful, sinful people, and gosh was I reminded of that every time I began to create. I wanted to change things to be my way, or to make it sound “trendier” or more “receptive.” But in God's kindness, He really removed anything that was not from Him in this music. Any of my own selfish motives I wanted to accomplish, God took care of and made a way for His voice to be heard, not mine. These lyrics are powerful not because of me but because of God and His faithfulness. 

Within your EP 'Promise of the Gospel,' do you have a concept or story that runs through the project? What does the EP mean to you?

Wow, this question already has my eyes welling up when I think of trying to respond in a way that can be comprehended. These four songs are truly four parts of my relationship with Jesus I experienced in the past three years. I became a Christian three years ago, and in that first year I was like “this is awesome!” Well, because it SO is. But, people often forget that just because you’re a Christian does not mean you're exempt from pain, trial, and tribulation. Instead, God’s word constantly reminds us that trial WILL hit and it will be used to make us steadfast. I was struggling to let go of my past, had no idea why God would give me mercy if I was such a sinner, and struggled with letting Him have control. These songs are a contribution to a huge picture. From the morning when you wake up, to when you lay your head down once again, you are still God’s, and no one can take that from you. I wrote songs filled with the truth I needed to be reminded of, that all of us need to be reminded of daily! And I am so thankful to God that the posture of worship that was dying to my own flesh daily is portrayed through this music for Christians in any stage of their walk to worship along to. 

We've heard that you've devoted your time to use your passions and talents to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Could you tell us how you put this into action?

This is what Christian life is all about! Putting the gospel on display through our lives and the gifts God has so graciously blessed us with. My entire life my goal has been to get to Broadway. I love performing, I love storytelling, and I absolutely love how theatre unites people. But, when I became a Christian, I realized I no longer desired to do what was for me, but instead just desired to advance the kingdom of God. I have to clarify, this desire is not a reflection of how “Godly” or “Holy” I am, but instead a direct reflection of what the Holy Spirit has accomplished in me. I started serving at church, singing on the worship team. Talk about a performer being humbled... imagine someone who’s only ever known applause and adoration witnessing people singing over them and not being interested in what they offer but instead worshipping who God is. I was like “Woah, I have never been so humbled in my life.” I realized that using my gifts to do worship music was much harder than doing theatre. And that’s why God put me there! He humbled me and taught me the importance of surrendering what He has given me to Him. I decided to go to school for worship music, and my love for God's word and theology really took off from there. But at the height of my love for the ministry, God opened a huge door for me to pursue Broadway once again. That’s when I learned that ministry is not limited to what you do inside of your church but instead it is the advancement of the gospel ANYWHERE. So, right now, I’m a theatre performer, worship singer, and a director of a women’s ministry, and you know what? It’s all about Him. He gives and takes away and in that, He reveals more and more about who He is. So I guess you could say I wear a lot of hats and my life is a little bit of a potluck when it comes to my career. But, when it comes down to it, at the end of the day when I go to sleep I am a daughter of the highest and that truly is the best title I could ever be gifted with. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Love has inspired me most this year. A lot has been stripped from us: comfort, money, the list goes on and on. But, what has not changed for me is the love I have been surrounded by in my family, friends, church, and most importantly the Lord. I’ve had a tough time this year, and I know I am not alone. But in the midst of pain, I realized that the greatest gift, personally, I have been given on Earth is the relationships I have with those I love. I witness my Savior through the way my community has loved me and it is such a gift. I definitely have been led to sing more in the shower and cling to my songwriting notebook as I have experienced love being poured out from God to us, and from us to one another.