Keep "Movin' On" With Help From Passport Radio's Sincere Single

From Toronto, Ontario, the four-piece garage-rock band Passport Radio sings the experience of drifting apart through their latest smooth sailing single, "Movin' On."

Formed in 2016 and featuring the likes of Alex Fecioru, Devon Pelley, Aidyn Kiddie, and Aaron Weiss, each member in Passport Radio offers their own unique flavor to each track. Making waves in the industry through sold-out gigs and performing with international acts, Passport Radio is quite the quartet to keep an eye on.

Now releasing their third single, "Movin' On" (recorded in Toronto's Banquet Sound Studio with 'Hollerado's' Nixon Boyd), Passport Radio delivers a rather calming and lush alternative sound while singing the sad message of moving forward from a love that lost its light. Offering listeners a serene soundscape fueled with genuine emotion; Passport Radio keeps us hooked with each soothing melody and heartfelt lyric.

"Movin' On" begins its sonic venture through Alex Fecioru's warm vocal stylings and Passport Radio's supporting alternative instrumentals that float with sweet and savory melodies. As Fecioru continues singing of moving on and letting go of lost love, the song's overall feel and tenderness keep us fully engaged to keep listening.

Devon Pelley offers sonic sweetness through his soft electric guitar alongside Aidyn Kiddie's rhythmic bassline and Aaron Weiss' delicate drum patterns. Throughout the song's entirety, Passport Radio never fails to evoke a specific emotion or memory through their conceptual lyricism, emotional delivery, and equally transcendent instrumentals.

Don't miss out on Passport Radio's third released single, "Movin' On," and allow the four-piece to guide you into a healthy and forward-thinking state of mind.

We highly appreciate such a positive and encouraging single like "Movin' On." What inspired your group to take on this sincere and emotional concept? "On the other side now, I realize how necessary it was for me to be in that relationship to seek help. It made me realize that people aren't all bad, or all good. Looking back, there were some wonderful times in that relationship. I didn't want it to be labeled just negative because it really wasn't." Back in 2018, our singer Alex left a toxic relationship that inspired him to quit smoking and drinking. He locked himself in his room for days to curb the cravings. "I was just sweating and craving a smoke but I wouldn't let myself leave my bed. I ended up getting really sick."

After sitting with himself, he went to get help for his mental health and started going to therapy and taking medication for depression. "I honestly thought I was gonna feel that hopeless my whole life until I actually sought help, I was desperate to change."

Who handled the songwriting for "Movin' On"? How did you want your audience to feel after taking a deeper listen to your lyricism?

Alex wrote the lyrics and a body for the song. The rest of us added our own ideas to the demo he made. We sent it off to our producer and savior Nixon Boyd. He really liked the track so we headed to the studio as soon as the pandemic rules allowed.

We want our audience to feel the freedom in changing yourself for the better when listening to "Movin on". That even though a time in your life has passed, it doesn't mean that what you're headed towards isn't gonna be a good life experience. Also that what comes doesn't invalidate the beauty in what just passed.

Could you bring us into your band's instrumental creative process for "Movin' On"? How did you create your instrumentals to be so serene and lush while also complementing the song's emotional theme?

When we went to visit our producer Nixon Boyd, our demo had the music but not the lush serene feeling. After we further discussed what we wanted, Nixon helped us shape "Movin On" while keeping the emotion and feeling behind it. Nixon's been incredible, great to work with, and a great listener. We spent lots of time on each sound, every note in the track is put there with care.

In the studio, we messed around with a lot of Nixon's fancy expensive gear. There's a take of the solo where Devon rolled up the reverb on a fender deluxe while Alex played the solo. "I told him it was never gonna work, but it's the take that made the track, by the end I thought it was genius." Said Alex.

How does your third released single, "Movin' On," stand out from the rest of your discography? Is this your group's first time around creating an emotional and heartfelt song like this?

Movin On is our most positive song yet. It's our first single since we decided to write more hopeful music. When we wrote "Dirty Hands" about hookup culture or "Lighthouse" about a failing relationship we knew we were making heartfelt music, but it was more melancholic or sad than anything. There are just a lot more ways to make the music feel than melancholy and we want to explore that.

What's next for you?

We want to explore involving our community in our music more. We're trying to do live streams where people send in their best show outfits and we post about them or streams where the audience picks the songs live. We've also been getting involved in helping our currently unhoused neighbors here in Toronto. We're still in the early stages of figuring out ways to use our platform to raise money and awareness, but we're excited to help as best as we can. As far as the music goes, as soon as we can and the pandemic allows it we will be back in the studio with Nixon working on our next song.