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Keep Pushing With MOTIV's Optimistic Single, "Don't Let Yourself Down"

Offering ambiance in a fashionable new order, MOTIV takes the listener back with his uplifting and catchy single, "Don't Let Yourself Down." Amid social restrictions from an apartment home studio, MOTIV takes matters into his own hands while creating music to get him through these times. Formulating a sound somewhere between Synth-Pop and Alt-Rock, MOTIV is continually keeping listeners on their toes.

His latest single, "Don't Let Yourself Down," offers a wise and sound lyrical message surrounding inner-faith and keeping hope for a brighter future. While the instrumentals deliver a sound similar to 80s Synth-Pop merged with modern Alternative elements, MOTIV makes the track his own through his empowering lyrics and uplifting delivery.

"Don't Let Yourself Down" begins with a quick Synth-Pop beat and bright synths and pads floating in the background. As MOTIV makes his vocal appearance while repeatedly singing the track's title, a sweet-sounding electric guitar shines through and adds brilliant texture to the piece.

Continuing through the song, MOTIV comes through with his laid-back and relaxed vocals while singing an optimistic message of keeping your eyes on the prize when it all goes south. The song's hook is incredibly anthemic, as the bright mix of organic and electronic instrumentals offers immense space for listeners to take in every lyric MOTIV delivers.

With each uplifting twist and turn, MOTIV has presented with his single "Don't Let Yourself Down," listeners are bound to take something positive away from this track, whether it's the sweet stylings of MOTIV or his empowering message.

During times like these, what inspired you to create such an optimistic and empowering single with "Don't Let Yourself Down?"

Conversations with friends have been the biggest inspiration for the track. Anywhere from discussing songs, we love to drunken advice.

Regarding your creative process for "Don't Let Yourself Down," how did you go about merging Synth-Pop elements with uplifting Alt-Rock instrumentals? Is this a typical sound for you?

I’ve played in indie rock bands since I was a teenager so that approach has always been conventional to me. Over the lockdown, in Canada, I’ve been listening to a lot of 80s synth-pop like Spandau Ballet and New Order which definitely leaked into the sound. With the state of live music due to the pandemic, it has been a bit discouraging at times. The whole idea of this project is to find new motives and take different approaches from what I’m used to, such as ignoring the idea of performing.

How did you write your lyrics for "Don't Let Yourself Down" to be so universally engaging and relatable? How did you place yourself in that low-vibration mentality in order to write more positive lyricism?

The lyrics just sort of came to me. As I recorded the track in my apartment, I mostly reminisced on the things I’d do and the feelings I felt at shows I’ve played or attended. I didn’t plan to release any of these tracks until I shared them with friends that really encouraged me to do so. That mentality seems mostly responsible for the style of lyricism.

Should listeners anticipate more uplifting and empowering singles like "Don't Let Yourself Down" in the future? Are optimistic songs like this a staple for your brand?

Yeah, there are definitely more optimistic songs to come but it’s really all about what feels natural and comfortable for me to continue. I often ask myself “where do I go from here?” Finding new motives, taking a different approach.

Do you have any other releases planned before the end of 2020?

Yes, I do have one more released planned before the end of the year but what I really look forward to is sharing this album that has been so unorthodox for me. Keep an eye out for next year.



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