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Keep Your Feet on the Ground As Annie Omalley Is, “Chasing Clouds”

With an extensive background in music and continuous love for the art that flourishes into her career, Annie Omalley took her attention to the lobby’s piano at the tender age of nine months old. From that moment, curiosity transitioned into delicate croons, and that unveiled itself to be part of her identity.

Transporting honesty, emotion, and themes of self-reflection into the music that she creates, she aims to provide her audience with a product that is greater than herself and the talents she holds onto. Allowing us to take in the innovative sound she produces, as we feast on refreshing hues of exclusivity, her most recent single tiers down into brilliance that is Annie Omalley.

“Chasing Clouds,” is gentle with its resonance, all while conveying a powerful sentiment that pushes your very being into a liberating quintessence. The up-and-coming artist considers her music to be a small percentage of the stories, thoughts, and ideas that circulate through her mind on a daily basis, and with “Chasing Clouds,” she ensures that basis is transpired.

We had the chance to sit and chat with Annie Omalley on her artistry, and we encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for the BuzzMusic interview dropping shortly on our website.


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