Keep Your Head Held High With Marissa Barbalato’s Song “This Too Shall Pass”

From Buffalo to Los Angeles, independent artist Marissa Barbalato releases her tender track “This Too Shall Pass,” off her recent EP “Mama Said.” With iconic industry inspirations, Marissa Barbalato has conjured quite the following in L.A. after her first few singles. From coffee shops to staple Hollywood venues, Marissa Barbalato is just beginning her expansive career. With the release of her recent hit “This Too Shall Pass,” Marissa Barbalato brings forward immense strength towards facing adversity head-on and wondering when peace will soon resurface. Through blissful folk instrumentation, we’re left getting lost in the smooth sounds she’s incorporated.

Starting off with short electric guitar pulses and Marissa Barbalato’s pure and angelic vocals, “This Too Shall Pass” progressively expands wider into more of a whole-sounding instrumental. Once the chorus comes around, Marissa Barbalato’s vocals stand out with clarity as sings vulnerable lyrics of fighting for her happiness and well-being. The instrumentation gives off this anthemic feel, truly providing us something that warms our hearts during these hot sunny days. Peaceful electric guitar instrumentals soar over “This Too Shall Pass” and bring in the same emotions that Marissa Barbalato’s vocals effortlessly release. A hopeful song that reminds us to keep our heads high, Marissa Barbalato’s “This Too Shall Pass,” keeps our optimism running.

You can listen to "This Too Shall Pass" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Marissa Barbalato! We’re singing right along with you on your recent hopeful hit “This Too Shall Pass.” Where did you initially find inspiration for this song?

My team and I had a writing camp in Palm Springs for "Mama Said".  The isolation along with the desert really gave life to the record.  Trying to survive the industry while staying creative and keeping true can be a challenge.  However, I believe between struggle and relief resides hope. To those who feel beat down, know that now more than ever we have to come together as a collective power and push through.  My wish is that this song serves as a reminder "This Too Shall Pass".

Seeing as your song “This Too Shall Pass” is off your recent EP “Mama Said,” what role does the song play in the EP? How does it relate to the overall theme of the project?

Staying true to my roots, This Too Shall Pass gives you a sense of nostalgia.  Mixing Fleetwood vibes with nature and the overarching theme of hope. Within the project as a whole, this is the song of hope. Not only will this song resonate in our current society, but I believe we created something that feels timeless.

Marissa Barbalato’s track “This Too Shall Pass” brings in these graceful instrumentals. Could you expand on how you went about tweaking the instrumentals to emphasize your message on “This Too Shall Pass?”

When producing this song, we wanted to emulate an open atmosphere, organic and pure.  The theme is an idea that we have all experienced at some point in our lives, with that in mind, we developed the instrumentals to match.  The hope is to produce something nostalgic and pure, for listeners to connect with the feeling of change.

We’ve heard that Marissa Barbalato’s career has drastically evolved since the release of your first few singles. Why do you think your music has been so successful, and what helped your brand grow?

Well, that is so sweet!  I grew up on the east coast, at times LA can feel like a different world.  Being independent by nature, I am constantly working on myself.  You can't do your best if you are not at your best.  I think my personal growth organically shows through my music lyrically and musically.  The goal is constant growth. 

What's next for you?

I have a video coming out in a few weeks! livestream shows via Instagram, and more music releasing before 2021!