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Keep Your Head in the Clouds With, "Honey I Believe"

The music of Trickshooter Social Club is an oddly literate, completely eclectic approach to fuzzy, tweedy, garage-y, country-tinged, stomp and clap American rock-n-roll that constantly has you on your toes.

At times a bit singer-songwriter, and at others loud and unapologetic, Trickshooter Social Club creates songs that are whiskey-soaked and world-weary, with a continuous amount of room for redemption.

Immersing us in the gritty, upbeat textures of their most recent single, “Honey I Believe,” the vibrancy that surfaces from this Trickshooter Social Club record take us for a spin.

Through copious elements of organic instrumentation that make up the effervescent framework before us, “Honey I Believe” has us holding onto the edge of our seats as we bask in the musical progressions trucking forward. What we love the most about a track of this caliber has to be the fact that each instrument carries forth a crisp and refreshing sound that places it into a lane of its own, all while the lead vocal performance casts out timbres that thrive in a reverberated force field of excellence.

Sultry, with a hint of tranquil tenors that help to mold the mesmerizing qualities of the croons cascading upon the track, Trickshooter Social Club hones in on a flourishing quintessence that leaves us wrapped up in their eclectic vision of Country Rock. They ensure to place a seamless concoction of originality into this piece, as the melodic structure allows repetition to drive home the compelling resonance at hand.

Trickshooter Social Club never strays from the multitude of techniques that they incorporate into their music, and it’s that type of authenticity that we appreciate from musicians breaking the sound waves today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Trickshooter Social Club. We love the constant evolution of a song like “Honey I Believe.” Could you please share a glimpse into how this record came to be?

We wrote and recorded this music during the pandemic – which forced us to learn new technologies, new techniques, and new tricks – which is ultimately a good thing. We learned how to embrace abundance and recognize scarcity with a sober, clear-eyed gaze. We hit our share of brick walls – hard drives crashing, files not opening -- and dead ends – we worked and reworked the songs changing the vibe and feel over and over until we landed where we felt we needed to be. Also, things took longer than we wanted them to due to covid delays – but we just kept walking through it.

In your own words, what does “Honey I Believe” mean to you as the creators behind it? What do you hope your audience can take away from the messaging and themes conveyed?

This is a song about redemption, resiliency, and the sublime freedom of saying f*ck it. In this song - our female protagonist is simultaneously filled with hope and hopelessness, fear and fearlessness, despair and ecstasy. She decides that she believes she can change everything. The "Honey" she is talking to is, of course, herself. And she does, in fact, change things. She grabs her partner, her cigarettes, and her dignity, and she hits the road in search of her own demons and angels. And she finds a glimmer of something that looks like truth among the ice machines and Bible drawers of a questionable Motel somewhere in East Tennessee. May we all be so lucky.

Being part of your EP, ‘Monte Carlo,’ how does this song speak into the collection of tracks heard on the project? What makes it stand out from the rest?

This was the first song we collaborated on with our awesome label, Animal Farm Music. We had a demo of it, but we really tore the song and rebuilt it from the ground up. Playing with starts and stops. Experimenting with sounds and textures. While it was a tiring, relentless chase, it was incredibly freeing and set a blueprint for the rest of the record. It’s a little different from the rest of “Monte Carlo” in that it really has some swing to it. While fuzzy and overdriven, there’s this swing in this song that we immediately dug into. And ultimately built the song around.

What is something that you wish your fan base knew about Trickshooter Social Club?

We actually started this thing with a bit of a mission. We didn’t want to be a “band” in the traditional sense. We wanted to be a community of artists making things together. Beyond normal rock instrumentation, we wanted to go deeper. Violins. Accordions. Pedal Steel. Rappers. Spoken word artists–we invited it all. We wanted it to be open and supportive and positive – no typical band bullshit. We also wanted the music to be unapologetically honest with no pretension. The goal was to not be cool - just to be real. To be a part of the tradition of American roots rock and dirty blues – the tradition of storytelling in 3 ½ minutes - and see where we could take it.


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