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Keep Your Head Up with Mot & Krid's Single, "Waiting 4 Rain (feat. Redd Carter)"

From New York to Los Angeles and finally Hamburg, the pop/electronica artist, songwriter, and producer Mot & Krid teams up with Redd Carter for their inspirational single, "Waiting 4 Rain (feat. Redd Carter)."

Having been playlisted on various Spotify playlists while receiving extensive radio airplay has led the diverse stylings of Mot & Krid to quickly become one of the most sought-after acts in North America and Europe. Driven by Thomas Gallmeier, he's continuously upping his craft to meet the expectations his music has set.

More recently, Mot & Krid paired up with singer-songwriter Redd Carter for their motivational single, "Waiting 4 Rain (feat. Redd Carter)." Quite the lush and uplifting pop-inspired tune, Mot & Krid and Redd Carter deliver the utmost inspiration through their anthemic vocal portrayal and the exciting underlying sonics/instrumentation.

"Waiting 4 Rain (feat. Redd Carter)" brightly opens with Redd Carter's soothing vocal stylings, soft percussion patterns, a sparkling acoustic guitar, and warm piano melodies. Instantly setting a feel-good tune to the song, Redd Carter and Mot & Krid lead us towards the pre-chorus, where a rich female vocal accompanies Carter's anthemic vocal portrayal and pushes us towards the uplifting hook.

As we dissect the song's lyricism, Redd Carter lets us into a heartfelt story of catching someone when they fall and supporting them during the toughest of times. Mot & Krid has truly carved the instrumentation and sonics to expel such vibrance and heart, especially as the blazing electric guitars make their way in and hold our hands until the polished outro.

Hello Mot & Krid, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We truly appreciate the uplifting tone and feel of your latest single, "Waiting 4 Rain (feat. Redd Carter)." When did you begin creating this piece? What initially inspired you?

Unless I am hired to write for a specific project or artist, I frequently get together with good friends, who are also songwriters and musicians, to write new material. Our new single Waiting for Rain was originally written for Redd Carter. I think Redd came into the studio, mind you this was pre Covid19, so no worries about social distancing and masks, wanting to create a moody, kinda dark yet uplifting tune. I then came up with this chord progression and piano part, playing on the 1/4 note, keeping it really simple. We were also joined by Redd’s boyfriend and one of my best friends Kelly Kidd, helping write the top line and lyrics.

What pulled you towards the vocal stylings of Redd Carter to feature on your single "Waiting 4 Rain (feat. Redd Carter)?" What does he offer that you felt needed to be captured in the song?

Well, as mentioned earlier, I like to keep it in the family. In this case, Waiting for Rain was actually written for Redd. Redd, Kelly, and I wrote this track to best suit his vocals and create an atmosphere that supported melody and lyrics. Redd has an incredible voice and I have had him as a featured artist on my releases in the past. So I certainly knew what I was getting. And I always love it.

Could you break down your creative process for "Waiting 4 Rain (feat. Redd Carter)?" What was it like in the studio when creating and recording the sonics and instrumentation?

Writing sessions and recording basic tracks were all done before Covid19 in Los Angeles. I usually write songs on the piano. So I recorded a basic piano track with that simple 1/4 note feel first. Another early idea was a big kick and snare sound with that distinct syncopation. So now I had a piano track, kick and snare rhythm, and scratch vocal. I felt it needed more flow and came up with this rather intricate drum part, using tight sounds, to stay out of the way of that big kick and snare, to introduce more groove elements to drive the track. Bass had to leave lots of room as well and was mainly played on whole notes. With piano, drums, and bass done, I proceeded to record lead vocals. I also had this distinct keyboard melody in my head that plays during the chorus in the background. I layered quite a few sounds to get it right and recorded and added them to the mix. Now we had a complete recording of the song and I felt it was all done. I like to sit on a track and mix for a while to get distance and have fresh ears. When I came back to listen to the mix/song, I did really love the simplicity, space, and mood of this record. We are halfway through 2020 by now and everything is shut down. Just by chance, there was an opportunity to pitch the song as a duet and so I recorded female lead and background vocals with my good friend and top singer Cindy Gomez. She recorded her vocals in Canada sent me audio stems and I mixed them in with Redd’s vocals. That opportunity came and went, however, I loved Cindy’s background vocals so much, I kept them in the mix. At this time I also added additional synth parts. I relocated to Germany at the end of 2020. At my new location, I listened to the updated mix and decided that Waiting for Rain would be a Mot & Krid release. And I just knew, what instrument was missing. Guitar. So I send the mix to my good friend and LA studio guitarist extraordinaire Ricky Z and told him, I needed a guitar arrangement and parts, that is sort of indie pop/rock with an ever so slight touch of blues. Well, what you hear is what he sent me back. I mixed the parts in and it was absolutely perfect. My only suggestion was to add some Beatles-ish rock guitars in chorus and finally Waiting for Rain was done.

Seeing as you've received vast attention from both North American and European markets, how do you plan to keep these audiences engaged within your future releases?

I think with everything shifting more and more to social media, especially to Spotify and Youtube - my audience is already spread around the globe. I believe the key is to produce authentic content that any audience that likes what I do, can relate to and is interested in. It is quite difficult to be found these days since there is an over-saturation of everything. I plan to keep creating audible and visual content that I believe in and in my opinion is worth sharing. And it will always be about who I am and what I stand for.

What would you like new listeners to know about your music?

I write music from the heart. What you hear and see, is what I have been going through. Moments in life that made me sit down and turn that memory or emotion into music. Sometimes it is silly, sexy, and fun, and other times it’s full of contemplation, doubt, the desire to do and be better and inspire. There’s always hope. And it is always who I am.



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