Keith Cullen Shows True Perseverence With New Single “Make Way”

Irish recording artist Keith Cullen has been stealthily making plans in his new home of Los Angeles. The inspiring popstar is back after being in recovery from stage 3 bladder cancer. Harnessing the rollercoaster of emotions he’s experienced the past couple of years, Cullen is ready to unleash the first taste of his transformed musical identity with “Make Way”. The bold, fearless anthem is not just a testament to Cullen’s journey thus far, but a true prophecy for his future. Whether turning an ear to Cullen for the first time or getting reacquainted with him after the pause, “Make Way” brings forth a shift in creative artistry and storytelling few artists evolve into. 

Fusing the best of heartfelt songwriting with a smooth and expressive leading vocal, an uplifting melody that feels all at once nostalgic and fresh, “Make Way” makes for a dance-pop crossover hit, with lashings of rhythm and soul that help lean the whole thing in a fairly unique direction. There are layers to this that showcase an artist who has found his flow, Keith Cullen’s voice, personality, and multi-colored soundscape couple perfectly with the uplifting brightness of the synths that rain down. While the songwriting is the greatest strength, the production and performance alike help elevate everything within to effective levels. From a distance, there’s a simplicity to the sound in “Make Way”, an easy pop groove that lights up the room as it should. The closer you get though, the more intently you listen, the taller those personal details and that truthfulness stand amidst the ambiance. An inspiring journey that showcases Keith Cullen's strength and perseverance. 

Listen to “Make Way” here and read more with Keith Cullen in our exclusive interview below! 

Hey Keith! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the new song!! What does “Make Way” represent for you?

“Make Way” is a representation of my coming back from hiatus since recovering from cancer. I was diagnosed last year with Bladder cancer and after putting a lot of work into my music career, I was forced to put it on hold.

“Make Way” signifies that nothing will ever stop me to continue to rise and that I will power through any obstacles that come in my way. Its a great message for any listeners who go through similar experiences, heartbreak or challenges - that you can always rise up!

What prompted you to first start making music, and what drives you to continue?

Growing up I was always told I had a powerful voice and talented. It was something I never took seriously until later in my adult life. When I was younger I had my voice trained and toured with musicals! I was always terrified of fame and choose business as my outlet instead.

After realizing that money doesn't make you happy ( it helps but is not the source) I knew I needed to get back to igniting my soul and singing is the thing that does that. My drive now comes from within and wanting to simply share my music and story with people in whatever ways possible.

Can you dive into the meaning of some of your favorite lyrics within “Make Way?

A few of my favorite lyrics are “Clear the water from your eyes, build an altar for me to rise…”

As mentioned in the first question, “Make Way” is a message from my own personal story and also, for those who can relate going through troublesome times.

And through that journey, there are tears involved and falling down is a constant habit. Though with each hardship is a new opportunity to learn from the experience and come back stronger, hence, rise up!

“No lies, they’re not allowed on these grounds we are building on” is a quest for honesty and realness in life, relationships and with ourselves.

What’s the concept behind the brand new music video? Where was it filmed?

The video was filmed in DTLA on a rooftop at the golden hour as the sun went down. For this video, the very wonderful Hunter Ney was the director and editor. A personal friend of mine the whole process was fun and easy. Rigo Ortiz was on hand for hair and makeup and all of the team really embraced my simple idea of the simple beauty that lies in nature (roses and sunset were the focus).

The roses in make way signify the passion and love for what I do and will continue to do :)

What’s next for Keith Cullen?

I feel like 2020 is coming so fast! I feel like this has been the fastest year of my life so far, with all the changes I'm taking it to step by step.

I have another release coming out on the 27th of Septemeber Called “Piece of Me” New clothing/merchandise which gets released on my birthday (October 3rd), and I have created a new candle line and lifestyle brand called Abbott Williams which will launch before Christmas.

There's so much going on right now it's super exciting and I'm ready for them all to be out in the world.


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